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The ultimate guide to Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis, it’s a crucial process that allows businesses to understand the market. It helps them to identify competitors, have insights, and develop some effective strategies for getting noticed by consumers. It is like a powerful tool that the digital marketing company in Gurgaon uses to help the companies quarterly, monthly, and even annually.

If you feel that your company or business has not done a competitive analysis in a while, it is better not to worry. The tech of today, it makes it much easier to get started to remain highly informed. Considering it all, this article has been prepared to provide a complete, or rather, ultimate guide to competitive analysis. Just make sure to keep reading ahead, and you will get the information you need.

Competitive Analysis- What is it?

Competitive analysis, or rather the strategy, involves research on the major competitors to have insight into the products, marketing tactics, and sales. Implementing strong strategies, warding off competitors, and also to capture market share, they are all benefits of doing the competitive analysis on time. Also, do not forget it can help one to learn all ins and outs of the working of competition while helping to identify all the potential opportunities where they can all be outperformed.

Some further benefits associated with competitive analysis are,

  • It allows one to stay on top of the industry standards and ensure the products meet and exceed the industry standards consistently.
  • Help identify the unique value proposition associated with the product and make a product that is different than the competitors. This would help in informing the marketing efforts of the future.
  • It enables one to identify what exactly what the competitor has been doing correctly. It’s quite critical to stay relevant and to ensure the products and marketing campaigns, they outperform the industry standards, etc.

Competitive Analysis- How to Perform it?

To know the importance of competitive analysis, it is better to know the practices which are to be undertaken and to move ahead, the below-mentioned would help.

Defining Purpose 

Defining the purpose is something that is part of digital marketing services in Gurgaon. It is used in any business, irrespective of its type. Remember why you are doing the analysis or what the goals are behind it, the answers to it change over time. Even though the large purpose would be staying constant, as we are trying to learn about the competitors and how they can be compared. However, one would have specific goals, too, and they would differ based on the business objectives, time of the year, etc.

It is to understand the goal which exists behind the competitive analysis that would help in determining the data type which is gathered and the insights that are pursued later.

Assessing Company

Yes, you can begin with this, and for a better understanding of all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, perform the SWOT analysis. It can even be done for each of the competitors, and then a comparison can be made to identify the competitive advantage. It will help serve better and guide towards better.

List out the Competitors 

List the competitors, but how to know what exactly would define relevant competitors in a given situation? Well, there are some brands that compete directly, and they should be on top of the mind. However, you should even try to consider other organizations, including indirect competitors, new start-ups, and the adjacent markets in the scene.

Remember, as any digital marketing agency in Gurgaon would say, the consumers wouldn’t define decisions just by direct competitor comparison. So, know the options the target customer will account for fulfilling needs and put them on the list of competitors.

Gather up Data

Data is available as part of competitor analysis. Just start collecting and trying to automate everything as much as possible. To eliminate the manual work, create Google alerts for important topics and competitors, sign up to receive newsletters, make a list of the industry conferences and events, and block the regular time which is scheduled for reading the industry news as well as the competitor websites.

When taking measures for automated data gathering, it is better to gather it on a high volume and make it available at any time for conducting competitive analysis.

Analyzing the Important

Analyzing all the data, which is part of the competitor analysis, is not important. However, after a comprehensive gathering of data, step back to goals that are got set in the starting stage. Then make sure to prioritize the data as well as the information that is most relevant to all the associated goals.

Reporting the Findings

From employees to the board members, executive leaders, and investors, find out the stakeholders and put forward all the findings you collected with the help of the Digital Marketing agency in Gurgaon to the formal presentation in front of them. It would help in organizing findings and also pulling off important insights. It would then help with an action plan and the strategy moving forward. Next, it will also help all within the organization to understand the company/business’s competitive position and will help them bring on the same page. With it all, there can be launched the point for the discussion which would motivate better action at every single level.

Remember, the presentation must not be a daunting project. Try to create a slide deck that can highlight important information, has visuals for making data digestible, and points all people towards the additional resource, just in case they wish to have a deep dive into the findings and learn more about the business.

Long-Term Plans

Yes, this is the next step. Just figure out the building competitive analysis process within the business strategy. Just note competitors, they are all doing it with the help of digital marketing services in Gurgaon. It will help in being equally informed.

Just take simple steps. Prioritize the automated data collection, make the decision regularly to conduct the competitive analysis, and then set hard all the deadlines to report the results. Believe it or not, but it would be very helpful.

Begin Competitive Analysis & Take Steps On 

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