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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Alaska Flightseeing Tour

Alaska, the Last Frontier, is a land of awe-inspiring beauty and vast wilderness that beckons adventurers from around the globe. One of the most spectacular ways to experience this natural wonder is from the sky. Alaska Aviation company offers an unparalleled perspective on the state’s majestic landscapes, from towering glaciers and pristine forests to winding rivers and majestic mountain ranges. If you’re considering your first flightseeing adventure, this ultimate guide will help you choose the perfect tour and ensure an unforgettable experience.

Understanding Alaska Flightseeing Tours

Flightseeing tours in Alaska are scenic flights offered by various Alaska aviation companies. These Alaska plane tours typically involve small planes or helicopters, allowing passengers to enjoy panoramic views of the state’s stunning scenery. Whether you’re looking to soar over Denali, explore the fjords of the Kenai Peninsula, or witness the rugged beauty of the Inside Passage, there’s a tour for every taste.

Why Choose a Flightseeing Tour?

Unmatched Views: From the air, you can see landscapes that are inaccessible by any other means. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of glaciers, wildlife, and vast expanses of untouched wilderness.

Unique Experience: Few experiences match the thrill of flying over some of the most remote and beautiful areas on Earth. It’s an adventure that leaves lasting memories and spectacular photos.

Accessibility: Many of Alaska’s most stunning locations are remote. Flightseeing tours make it possible to see these areas without the time and effort required for ground travel.

Choosing the Right Aviation Company

Selecting the right aviation company is crucial for a safe and enjoyable flightseeing tour. Here are some factors to consider:

Safety Record: Always check the safety record of the aviation company you’re considering. Look for operators with a solid reputation and positive reviews from previous customers.

Experience: Choose a company with experienced pilots who are familiar with the local terrain and weather conditions. A seasoned pilot can enhance your tour with informative commentary and a smooth flight.

Aircraft Quality: Ensure the company uses well-maintained, modern aircraft. This is not only important for safety but also for comfort during your flight.

Customer Service: Good customer service can make a big difference in your overall experience. Look for companies that are responsive, friendly, and willing to answer all your questions.

Types of Flightseeing Tours

Alaska offers a variety of flightseeing tours, each highlighting different aspects of the state’s natural beauty. Here are some popular options:

Glacier Tours: These tours focus on Alaska’s stunning glaciers, offering close-up views of ice fields, crevasses, and icebergs. Some tours even include landing on a glacier for a short walk.

Wildlife Tours: For nature lovers, wildlife tours provide an opportunity to see Alaska’s diverse fauna, including bears, moose, caribou, and whales, all from the air.

Mountain Tours: Fly over the breathtaking peaks of the Alaska Range, including Denali, the highest peak in North America. These tours offer incredible views of rugged mountains and alpine scenery.

Coastal Tours: Explore the dramatic coastlines of Alaska, with its fjords, cliffs, and marine life. These tours often cover areas like Prince William Sound or the Inside Passage.

Best Time for a Flightseeing Tour

Alaska’s weather can be unpredictable, but summer (June to August) is generally the best time for flightseeing tours. During this period, the days are long, and the weather is relatively stable, providing the best conditions for clear views and safe flights. However, each season offers its unique advantages:

Spring (April to May): Witness the thawing of ice and the awakening of wildlife. This season offers a quieter experience with fewer tourists.

Summer (June to August): Ideal for clear skies and long daylight hours, making it the most popular time for flightseeing.

Fall (September to October): Enjoy vibrant fall colors and the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights.

Winter (November to March): For a truly unique experience, winter tours offer stunning snow-covered landscapes and, in some areas, the chance to see the Aurora Borealis.

Preparing for Your Flightseeing Tour

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable tour, here are some tips on how to prepare:

Dress Appropriately: Wear layers to stay warm, as temperatures can be cooler at higher altitudes. A windproof jacket, hat, and gloves are recommended, especially for glacier landings.

Bring Essentials: Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a good camera with plenty of storage are must-haves. If you’re prone to motion sickness, consider taking preventive measures or medication beforehand.

Arrive Early: Plan to arrive at the departure point early to check in and receive a safety briefing. This also allows time for any unexpected delays.

Listen to the Pilot: Pay attention to the safety instructions and listen to your pilot’s commentary during the flight. They often provide fascinating insights into the areas you’re flying over.

What to Expect During Your Flight

Once you’re airborne, get ready for an experience like no other. Here’s what to expect:

Takeoff: The excitement builds as your small plane or helicopter lifts off. You’ll quickly rise above the landscape, offering your first glimpse of Alaska’s beauty from the air.

Scenic Views: Your pilot will navigate over key landmarks and natural features, providing commentary and pointing out significant sights. Have your camera ready to capture these moments.

Smooth Flight: Small aircraft are designed to offer stable flights, but you may experience some turbulence. Trust your pilot to handle these conditions expertly.

Landing: If your tour includes a glacier or wilderness landing, you’ll touch down in a remote area for a short exploration. Follow your guide’s instructions for a safe and enjoyable experience.

After Your Tour

Reflecting on your flightseeing tour is part of the experience. Share your photos and stories with friends and family, and don’t forget to leave a review for the aviation company that provided your tour. This feedback helps other travelers make informed decisions and supports the local tourism industry.


Choosing your first Alaska flightseeing tour is an exciting step towards an adventure of a lifetime. By selecting a reputable aviation company and preparing adequately, you’ll ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience. Whether you’re captivated by glaciers, wildlife, mountains, or coastlines, Alaska plane tours offer a unique perspective on one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Soar high and discover the unparalleled beauty of Alaska from the skies!


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