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The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning: Expert Tips and Techniques

Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpet clean is a big responsibility. We get that. So we have come up with an ultimate guide about the topic. Here you will learn everything about carpet cleaning, from the benefits to the methods. So continue reading the guide to learn more.

The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

↳ Increased Carpet Lifespan

Your carpet is costly. But dirt and debris entering your home gather on it and cause wear and tear. It severely damages the carpet and reduces its lifespan. Due to this, you may have to replace it sooner than its natural lifespan.

But keeping your carpet clean by vacuuming and deep cleaning prevents this. And helps your carpet stay in its prime much longer. So with carpet cleaning, you add years to its lifespan.

↳ Better Impression

Good looks are a huge selling point of carpets. Still, years of dirt, dust, and grime take away this look and make it look dull. It also brings down the look of the whole home decor.

Due to this, your reputation and impression may suffer when guests or buyers visit your place.  But clean carpets do the opposite. They uplift the look of your home and add depth to it. So, you can make a better impression with DIY or professional carpet cleaning.

↳ Protect against diseases

Dirty carpets reduce the IAQ of a place by trapping allergens and bacteria. And when they get freed, they cause diseases and allergies. Cleaning your carpet prevents these particles from gathering inside it. As a result, your carpet becomes safe for your family and pets.

↳ Easy Maintenance

Cleaning your carpet daily makes maintaining it easier. Because without it, you have to put in more effort. But cleaning your carpet daily and not leaving it for later makes cleaning easier.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

There are many methods of carpet cleaning. Some you can do by yourself, while others give better results when done by experts. Here are both of these methods.

DIY Methods

  • Vacuuming 

Carpet Cleaning

Young woman using vacuum cleaner to clean the house

Vacuuming is the simplest carpet cleaning method. Still, it gives the best results, as it is easy. But that doesn’t mean you can vacuum the wrong way and get the desired results. You need to know the proper way to vacuum your carpet to keep it clean. 

  • Start by getting the right machine for your carpet. It should have bags or other storage. And if you can invest more, get a vacuum with HEPA filters.
  • Start cleaning your carpet from one end of the room and move to the other.
  • You can make 3-4 passes for normal areas. But areas that have high foot traffic need 6-7 ones.
  • Then as you are cleaning the carpet, go over the areas you have already vacuumed for better dirt removal.
  • You can also move the vacuum side to side instead of just up and down to get better results.
  • Lastly, empty the bag and clean the machine for future use when you finish the process.
  • Stain Removal

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet – Decor, Stained, Removing, Stain Test, Cleaning


Stain removal is the most important part of DIY carpet cleaning. It involves treating the spills with the right cleaners before they become a bigger issue. So first, you need to identify the type of stain. Then you need to clean them as per the need.

Coffee Stains

Mix two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of liquid dish soap To remove coffee stains. Then blot the spill. After that, spray the cleaner over the stained area and wait for some time. Rinse the stained area with cold water and blot dry.

Wine Stains

Removing wine from the carpet is easy if it’s a fresh stain. Just pour some club soda over the stain and let the bubbles lift it. Then blot with a cloth until the stain disappears. 


The process of removing blood is similar to that of wine. Apply some club soda over it, leave it for a while, and blot it with a clean cloth.

Pet Urine

Blot as much of the liquid as you can. Then you need to apply an enzymatic cleaner to the area. You can find these in your nearest Walmart or home depot stores. After a while, clean with cold water and dry the area.


Start by scraping the chocolate with a dull object to remove as much as possible. Then place an ice pack over the melted chocolate to harden it again. After that, vacuum to remove all the remaining solid pieces.

Next, mix 1/4th cup of dish soap with 2  cups of warm water. Apply the cleaner to the chocolate-stained area. Then work with your fingers to massage the solution inside the fibers. After five minutes, rinse with cold water. If you still see some stains, repeat the process.

Just like this, you can remove all the stains from the carpet. But always test a cleaning solution before using it. Also, if you are unable to remove a stain, contact a carpet cleaning company near you to prevent extra damage.

Professional Methods

While you clean a small carpet area with DIY methods, you need to hire experts for deep cleaning. It isn’t to say you can’t try these methods on your own. But getting pros to clean it gives better results. So here are the best methods that they use.

  • Hot Water Extraction

Carpet Cleaning

Using dry steam cleaner to sanitize floor carpet.

It is the best-known method for carpet cleaning throughout the United States. The reputation is true, as this method gives good results by removing dirt, grime, and stains. The professional process works like this-

  • First, they vacuum the entire carpet and remove surface dirt and large debris.
  • Then they apply a cleaner to stained areas to help lift the stain.
  • After that, the experts start cleaning by moving the machine.
  • It injects hot water into the carpet fibers. And loosens dirt and grime.
  • It also absorbs these pollutants and removes them with the dirty water.

Hot water extraction is a good cleaning method everywhere. But as San Marcos has mostly sunny weather, it is a popular method for carpet cleaning in San Marcos.

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

The other popular method for carpet cleaning is the dry method. Experts use this method to clean high-traffic carpets, especially in humid climates.

  • They start by vacuuming the carpet.
  • Then they sprinkle the cleaning compound over the areas that require cleaning.
  • Next, the experts push this powder deeper into the carpet fibers with a scrubbing machine.
  • Once pros let the compound sit. It absorbs all the dirt and dust from the surface.
  • After 30 min to 1 hour, they vacuum the powder from everywhere.

While this method doesn’t provide deep cleaning like hot water extraction, it also doesn’t have any downtime. So you can start using it once the cleaning gets done. 

  • Bonnet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Floor cleaning

Another method mostly used in commercial buildings is bonnet cleaning. Here the experts apply a cleaning solution to the carpet. Then they scrub it into the fibers with a machine with rotating pads called a bonnet.

Due to the fast cleaning needs of businesses, this method has a low drying time.  But you can only get surface cleaning with the bonnet method.

Tips To Maintain Your Carpet

Once you have cleaned the carpet with DIY methods or hired experts to do so, these tips will help you keep the carpet clean.

↳ Invest In Doormats

Carpet Cleaning

Two pairs of rubber boots by an open door

Keep dirt and dust away by putting a doormat at the entrance. It will reduce the wear and tear on the carpet and add years to its life.

↳ Clip Not pull

Carpet Cleaning

Scissors with orange plastic handles on a blue carpet

If you have an old carpet that has snags, avoid pulling them. Instead, clip them to remove them easily.

↳Squeegee for pet hairs

If you have pets, their hair can make your carpet look dirty and also cause diseases. A good way to remove them is by using a squeegee. Just move the tool over the carpet till you get all the fur.

↳Fix Furniture Dents

Carpet Cleaning

Indentations from furniture in beige carpet in living room


You can notice dents on your carpet due to the furniture. But you’ll be happy to know there are ways to remove them. Start by putting an iron 15 cm away from the carpet and steaming it. Once the fibers get moist, ruffle them with the edge of a coin till they stand straight again

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