The Ultimate Guide to ATX Motherboards

ATX Motherboards

Most gamers are interested in ATX motherboards while beginners are curious and inquire about what is ATX motherboard?  All of the information we need to know about motherboards has been provided in this article.

This Advanced Technology Extended (ATX) motherboard had revolutionized the computer industry with its 90-degree layout and memory.

Motherboards are, of course, the main building blocks that are used in modern day computers. Without them all our computers would be useless!

ATX Motherboard, an Australian cloud computing platform, has a lot to offer. It provides you with high-performance storage, as well as blazingly fast processing power and all the features that come with big data analytics.

The gamers love ATX motherboards because of the several ports and high processing power which enhance their gaming experience.

Learn more about what a motherboard is and how it works in this guide.

What is a Motherboard Simple Definition?

Motherboard is a common component in electronic devices and computers. It is a circuit board used to provide electrical connection between the components of the system.

By using a motherboard, an electronic device can be assembled or dismantled without having to disconnect cables and components from other parts of the device.

A motherboard is a central processing unit (CPU) inside a computer. It is one the most important components that provide the processing power for the computer’s central processing unit, or CPU.

A motherboard is also called the processor. This component of the computer system is mainly responsible for providing electrical power and controlling various other components in the computer controlled by the motherboard.

Most computers today have multiple components that are controlled by the motherboard. Like a calculator or a radio, these components are interconnected and can be controlled by the user.

This can be seen in laptops as well, where an expansion port is located on the motherboard to connect additional components such as hard drives, memory modules etc.

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Motherboard and Components

The users usually ask what is a motherboard and its components? A motherboard is a central processing unit and a chipset that together form the core of a computer.

It performs many of the functions that make up the operating system, including memory management, graphics processing and storage.

The CPU is where all the action happens. The CPU is what allows you to run programs like Photoshop or your favorite website.

The chipset acts as an interface between the CPU and other components like memory, video cards, network cards or hard drives.

Moreover, it has keyboard and mouse connectors along with PCI slot, RAM slots, Floppy controller, DVD drive, and so on. All of these components or connectors are necessary to keep a computer running.

Multiple USB slots are also important to connect flash drives to the computer. In short, the motherboard is the main body which connects all the components of a computer.

Micro ATX Motherboard

Once it’s clear about the ATX motherboards, curious souls inquire about what is a micro ATX motherboard? are used in the mini computer market because they have a smaller form factor compared to other types of motherboards.

They have fewer slots and a smaller form factor compared to other types of motherboards. This motherboard type is widely used in all sorts of PC configurations because it can be used in all the different sizes and shapes.

These are mostly used in offices and personal computers which is great because of their ease of portability and takes minimum space.

Size ATX Motherboard

What is ATX motherboard size? The new generation of graphics cards by NVIDIA and AMD offer significantly increased performance compared to the previous generation.

The size of the ATX motherboard is 12 x 9.6 Inch which is a great size to adjust properly. This is a welcomed change because it allows gamers to play games on high-end desktops at an affordable price.

Motherboards with LGA1366 and LGA775 processors also work very well with these GPUs, providing impressive performance increases over past generations.

Moreover, the size of a micro ATX motherboard is exactly 9.6 x 9.6 Inch while the size of mini-ATX is 5.9 x 5.9 inch.

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