The Ultimate benefit of choosing BTCC for futures trading

BTCC is a UK-registered exchange with crypto licenses in the US, Canada, and Europe. Over the past 11 years, BTCC has provided secure trading services with cutting-edge technology through the ups and downs of many market cycles. The crypto space is growing at a rapid rate as more people start investing their money and finding all of the benefits it brings to the table. This means not only that new investors are pouring in but also that old investors continue to look for new ways to improve their investment strategies.

When it comes to strategies, futures have become one of the most popular and powerful tools available to crypto traders. By allowing you to gain greater exposure to your favorite assets, the allure of crypto futures is too strong to resist.

About BTCC

BTCC (“BTC & Crypto”) is a UK-based cryptocurrency futures exchange that has been around since June 2011, making it one of the oldest platforms in the space.

Born out of a mission to make cryptocurrency trading fair and trustworthy, the exchange aims to be as user-friendly and transparent as possible.

The exchange is registered in the UK and also has licenses in several countries in Europe, as well as Canada and the United States. This has allowed it to become a popular choice among merchants in these jurisdictions as compliance becomes an increasingly important concern for many.

To date, BTCC has reached over 1 million monthly active users with a consistent 24-hour volume of over $5 billion.

In recent years, the exchange has constantly improved the quality of its platform while adding new features.

BTCC services

Over 10 years of stable and secure operating history: As the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange that has never been hacked, BTCC has a long history of customer dedication. Users benefit from BTCC’s accumulated expertise and experience to provide innovative and secure products and business experiences.

Low Investment Threshold and 150x Leverage: On the BTCC trading platform, users can open positions with as little as 3 USDT. BTCC offers up to 150x leverage on USDT contracts that support 40+ major cryptocurrencies.

Price Transparency and Superior Liquidity: BTCC has industry-leading liquidity that is rarely seen in other exchanges. On the BTCC web and app platforms, large orders of up to 300 BTC can be executed at the top price levels, ensuring the best prices for users.

The services that are the object of the exchange are carried out on an exceptional basis. Most of the crypto traders have found buggy and overly complicated interfaces when using features on crypto platforms that try to do everything… Well, that’s not the case with BTCC.

Let’s see what BTCC has to offer.

Futures trading

The exchange is limited to providing solutions to investors who want to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency futures. This means that services like staking, pool mining, spot trading, and many others are not available.

However, BTCC offers several futures trading options that are sure to provide flexibility for crypto futures traders.

BTCC users can trade daily, quarterly, and perpetual futures contracts with leverage of up to 150x.

Buy crypto

BTCC offers its users the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies. This is done in partnership with providers like MoonPay and Simplex, which provide more flexibility.

The minimum amount to buy cryptocurrencies is 200 USDT and it is as easy as online shopping. Simply input your card details and your crypto will be deposited to your BTCC account.

Convert crypto

BTCC allows users to easily convert one cryptocurrency to another.

The process is straightforward and easy. Users can enjoy 0 fees for converting other coins to USDT. As for converting from USDT to other cryptos available on the platform, the fee is 0.1%.

BTCC Academy

It is becoming a tradition for crypto platforms to provide educational resources to users, and BTCC is no different.

The platform has implemented a specific tool for this purpose, which it has called BTCC Academy. This space allows crypto enthusiasts of all levels to enhance their knowledge of the crypto and trading spaces.

The Academy is full of helpful guides and information sorted by level, topic, and more, making it easier for everyone to access. Unlike similar tools, BTCC Academy is not limited to the services offered by BTCC, which is a reflection of the mission of the platform.

Introduction for APT

Aptos (APT) has been the talk of the town in the crypto space recently. Currently, there are only a few major exchanges that listed APT, and BTCC is one of them. Users on BTCC can go long or short on APT quarterly futures with a leverage of 50x.

What is APT?

Aptos Blockchain is a web-focused layer 3 blockchains created by Aptos Labs, a startup founded by Mo Sheik and Avery Ching, two former Meta employees responsible for the Dime blockchain project, which eventually ended.

About APT?

Aptos has gained a lot of hype in the crypto space in a short period of time because it was considered the successor to Meta’s blockchain project Diem. APT coins became the talk of the market this week as on 17 October, the Aptos team announced the mainnet has arrived after four years of development.


BTCC has remained a powerhouse in the crypto space for a reason: It does what it does exceptionally well. The platform may be limited in terms of features and services, but that shouldn’t be a problem for those looking to trade crypto futures with high leverage.

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