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The Ultimate 2023 Buying Guide For Utility Trailers

It’s common for people to abruptly decide they need a utility trailer without giving it a proper thought. They then proceed to purchase the trailer right away without doing the necessary homework, only to end up with regrets afterward. In many cases, these individuals end up with less-than-satisfactory junk metal that costs them thousands of dollars.

Therefore, putting much thought into buying Brechbill Trailers is an excellent idea, especially if you want to save thousands of dollars. So, read this buying guide to the end to avoid buying a useless automotive contraption.

Researching Utility Trailers

Before stepping foot in a dealer’s trailer shop, researching utility trailers should be the first line of action. You need to look at the different brands of utility trailers in the market, including their extensive uses. You must be 100% sure that the trailer you end up with suits your needs to avoid regrets later on.

Which Utility Trailer Brand is the Best?

There are many utility trailers to choose from when it comes to brands. Since utility trailers are among the most popular categories, finding one shouldn’t be challenging.

Some of the best brands include the following:

  • Big Tex Trailers
  • BWise Trailers
  • Belmont Trailers

However, when it comes to locating or finding the best utility trailer, everything depends significantly on what you plan to use the trailer for.

For instance, someone who runs a moving or landscaping business will most likely require a large utility trailer. This could be a 77 x 16 tube utility trailer fitted with tandem axles or something close to that size.

On the other hand, if you need to haul small or lightweight equipment, you won’t need anything heavier than a small 77 x 10 angle utility trailer.

Therefore, when searching for the perfect trailer size, you need to consider the type of cargo or freight you may be hauling. If possible, take accurate measurements of your typical, day-to-day hauls. The size of the utility trailer you settle for will determine how much you will spend on buying it.

What to Look for When You’re in the Market for a Utility Trailer

Since you’re already in the market for a utility trailer, ensure you do the following before settling for one:

1. Check out options and features.

You may have encountered some attractive trailers when researching utility trailers. However, attraction isn’t enough; you need to check and see if they have the features you’re looking for in a perfect utility trailer.

Standard features of trailers typically consist of a well-oiled gate at the trailer’s rear for swift and easy loading and offloading. New trailers should also come with new wheels.

Find out if custom options are available for your chosen trailer. For instance, you’ll require LED lights — they make it easier for other road users to see you more clearly while driving at night. You also need a mount and spare tire as a backup in case one of your trailer wheels goes off unexpectedly.

Another excellent option you should consider is whether the trailer has metal flooring. A utility trailer with metal flooring gives it a more durable and rigid base. Moreover, cleaning metal flooring is far easier and less time-consuming than standard wood floors.

2. Read testimonials on both the company and the trailer.

If you’ve pinpointed the utility trailer that appears to meet your needs, don’t purchase it yet. You need to confirm the authenticity of your choice by checking online for testimonials and reviews about the truck, including the company manufacturing it.

This is a simple step that many people overlook when shopping for a utility trailer. However, if you read the reviews by those who’ve previously purchased that type of trailer, you’ll learn a lot from their experience — enough to encourage or discourage you from purchasing the said truck.

For instance, you’ll know if that utility trailer has inherent issues that will cost you lots of money in repairs or maintenance. You may also discover a few tips to prolong the trailer’s lifespan. In essence, testimonials or reviews from past buyers could save you a ton of trouble in the future.

Asides from the company website’s review section, visit platforms like Yelp to learn from the experience previous customers have had with the trailer and the company selling it.

3. Compare trailer prices.

There are myriads of trailer companies peddling a wide range of utility trailers. No law says you should settle for one trailer-making company when shopping for a utility trailer. You’re at liberty to shop around to secure the best deals.

Therefore, search for reputable utility trailer companies in your area online. Go through their websites and compare utility trailer prices. You may even request a quote from different companies to price out the perfect utility trailer suitable for you.

Compare the numerous prices, including their options, to help make an informed buying decision.

Maintaining Your Utility Trailer

A utility trailer will serve you for several years if you adopt a strict maintenance culture. Changing old components for new ones ensure smoother rides and guarantee years of highly reliable service.

So, how do you effectively maintain your new utility trailer? For optimal performance, opt for bi-annual servicing, i.e., get your trailer serviced at least twice a year.

Every inch of the trailer must be carefully inspected during each maintenance routine. Oil the hinges that require oiling and apply paint to spots beginning to show signs of rust. Also, replace components showing signs of wear and tear, and get accessories that will boost the performance of your trailer.

You can do this yourself or hire professionals to run maintenance checks and repairs.


Utility trailers are among the most popular classes of trailers in the market today. However, purchasing just any trailer without in-depth research is a wrong move. You may end up with a truck that doesn’t meet your needs.

Therefore, carry out sufficient research and determine the brand of utility trailer you want; we’ve highlighted the top trailer brands in this article to guide you. After that, determine the size of the trailer you want and how much it will cost you. Don’t forget to also explore desirable options & features and also implement maintenance procedures when you eventually purchase the trailer suitable for your needs.

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