The Types Of SEO – That We Should Need To Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) boosts your website’s online visibility in Google search results for relevant keywords to rank up your website. Everyone knows that SEO helps to improve your website traffic. 

When users find something that is really known to them, they first search for it on Google, and then Google shows many results in SERP. if you write content that is based on your user’s needs, and Google improve your writing then users easily find your opinion. It happens when the article will rank 1st page on the search engine ranking page (SERP). And it happens just because of SEO performance. Here we discuss with you some major SEO that helps a website to rank better on other websites.   

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White-Hat SEO

SEO increases your website’s online visibility in Google search results for relevant keywords to rank up your website. White hat SEO is one of them. White hat SEO is generally the opposite of black hat SEO. this type of SEO refers to growing Google ranking performance. White hat generally refers to a good SEO strategy. 

Here are some white hat SEO examples be like-

  1. Optimizing the web pages for several keywords
  2. Designing high-quality relevant content
  3. Enhancing the website’s speed 
  4. Use meta tags
  5. Build a website mobile-friendly
  6. Creating an internal linking scheme. 
  7. Build your website easier to guide.

Black-Hat SEO

It’s understood by hearing the name of the black hat SEO, this type of SEO generally spoils the website’s online visibility around the target audience. The black hat SEO generally include the spammy or paid link-building method, cloaking, keyword stuffing, etc. 

Black hat SEO has the power to negatively impact your website if you are caught with Google. It has been spoiling your website’s reputation inadequately. So it’s better to avoid the use of black hat SEO.  

Gray-Hat SEO

The grey hat SEO is typically the combination of white hat SEO and black hat SEO. In one word, creating quality content is a white hat SEO, but when you buy backlinks to it that is black hat SEO.

Some tactics that are usually used for grey hat SEO – 

  1. Creating content that complements the value proposition. generally, guests should be featured on every page and blog or guest post that you broadcast
  2. Operating the expired domains
  3. Purchasing links
  4. Using hosted platforms to build backlinks
  5. Expending for reviews

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is known as on-site SEO. on-page SEO is genuinely optimizing a website to improve search engine ranking page. It just includes internal linking, title tags, content creation, URLs, etc. 

Off-Page SEO

Generally, off-page SEO directs to its ranking, but someplace it also directs to generating traffic. 

Off-page SEO contains link-building, guest posting services, social media marketing, etc. 

Guest posting SEO is a common off-page SEO tactic that is used to build more backlinks.

This can enhance your website’s online visibility and attract more traffic back to your website.  

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is just helping Google to crawl and index a website just easier. It’s alsp0 improves the search engine ranking performance. The actual goal of technical SEO is to build a website as trustworthy and reliable. 


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