The Top Security Tips For Keeping Your Warehouse Safe And Secure

The Top Security Tips For Keeping Your Warehouse Safe And Secure

Security is a vital part of every business. By offering it and routinely conducting security checks, you can guarantee that your assets never become liabilities and that you remain compliant with your local regulations. Always consider safety a priority, and leave corporate security to professional experts qualified for the task.

Cooperative workers also ensure a safer workplace. If employees feel valued and respected, they’re far more likely to play by the rules and turn a blind eye to any suspicious activity. To that end, it’s worth investing in purpose-built warehouses designed to make your employees feel as comfortable as possible while they work. This is the best way to keep your warehouse safe and secure.

Upgrade Your Security Measures

Nothing can deter a determined thief, but you can make breaking in harder. By installing a security system and removing any potential entry points, you can ensure that nothing untoward occurs within your warehouse. Be sure that your security system’s hardware is working properly and up to date and that the system will respond quickly when the alarm is triggered. If CCTV cameras are fitted, check their batteries and ensure they function properly. 

These measures to secure your warehouse should be keen to increase security and preventative efforts in the workplace. You can also encourage your workers to watch out for any suspicious activity and report it to the authorities.

Use Remote Camera Footage Backups

There are no guarantees when breaking, but you can make it more difficult. Install a camera system capable of downloading footage to a backup device as soon as the phone or computer connected to the system is turned on. Leave an additional electronic screen showing footage from the surveillance system whenever you’re not around. This helps ensure that your security measures in the warehouse are up-to-date and functioning properly at all times. They’re there for security and protection and should be treated as such. 

Consider adding a remote recording service if you install several cameras around your warehouse. You have full footage of any activity as soon as it happens, and don’t worry about someone stealing the hard drive with all the latest footage.

Reinforce Entryways

By reinforcing your building’s entryways, you can better discourage people from breaking in and stealing your property. Install bars or grilles over these access points. This helps reinforce their strength and makes it considerably more unlikely for them to be broken when thieves try to force their way through them. 

To minimize your security risks, you should reinforce the entry points of your warehouse. Use bolts instead of hall-marked wooden handles, and install anti-slip pads to protect the specially finished floors. Keep all doors and windows locked at all times unless staff members are present in the area where you’re working. Train your staff on security changes, and explain how to use alarms and other equipment for greater protection.

Make Security Checks a Part of Closing Procedures

One security measure that every business should take is ensuring that all employees have had a security check before they leave for the day. This is especially true if your warehouse staff is based in other countries. You can ensure that nobody slips their ID card into a pocket or breaks out without anyone noticing. You can also provide adequate security by checking all identification cards and laptops or even taking photographs of the workers. 

While it’s easy to forget about safety when you’re busy running your business, you should make sure you’re always cautious. Whether that means making security checks part of the closing procedures for employees on each shift or notifying workers about these procedures, it’s important to remain vigilant to prevent any security breaches in your warehouse.

Run Background Checks on All Warehouse Staff

The worst thing that can happen when someone is trying to break into your warehouse is that they’re caught. Whether they’re trying to steal company records, sell an old computer for parts, or merely look for some spare change on the warehouse floor, you don’t want them to be able to do anything in the warehouse. 

Be sure their employers are closely checking your staff, and background checks should be part of a larger security initiative. A code of ethics for your warehouse staff can help ensure proper precautions are taken in the workplace. Your team can also use this to inform their employers about any questionable behavior.

Secure the Perimeter

Installing a ballistic resistant perimeter security fence and putting up several barricades around the warehouse, you should ensure that any potential access points are properly secured. This means shutting all doors and windows to prevent them from being forced open. Fences should be installed around your warehouse to block off access. 

Consider installing additional security measures on these fences, such as barbed wire or electrified fencing, to discourage intruders. Sometimes small steps like having a secure fence around your warehouse can be more helpful than you think. Owners of warehouses, who require security measures for their assets and facilities, should implement hands-on security measures.

Test Your System Regularly

A security system and all the measures you put in place should be made to work properly, especially when a security breach occurs. By testing your plan regularly and knowing what triggers certain equipment, you can make alterations or adjustments to your security measures as necessary.

 If you haven’t done this before, think about installing a remote control device to turn on the alarm without having to leave your post. This way, you can prevent false alarms and get rid of faulty alarms. This effectively improves and maintains your security by ensuring everything is working properly and meeting the required standards. You should also ensure that fire alarms are in working order, as fires can quickly escalate without warning.

If you want your warehouse to be secure, it’s important to take precautions. Security at a warehouse is different from security in an office environment. There are various risks and threats, and your business should consider the best security measures for your needs. As with all matters regarding security, a little basic research can go a long way. This can be done so that you know what to look out for when hiring new staff or training current staff members on basic security awareness and practices.

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