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The Top Industries That Benefit from Cargo Jet Charter Services

There is a Chinese symbol that combines the words “danger” and “opportunity.” Scholars say this combination of “danger” and “opportunity” is most accurately translated as:

“A crucial point when something begins to change.”

It’s a perfect metaphor for what happened in the air freight industry recently after the onslaught of COVID-19 disrupted world supply chains and scrambled logistics models starting in 2020.

It was a “dangerous” situation for the world economically as traditional. Air Cargo and freight providers found themselves jammed up and in disarray –- but an “opportunity” emerged for one specific sector of the aviation industry.

That sector is private jet charter services that carry freight and cargo.

Expanding Beyond Niche Market

Logistics managers across the world turned to private jet cargo carriers in a big way to solve vexing problems in supply chains after traditional air freight carriers were jammed up by the COVID environment.

They quickly discovered five jet or private charter cargo service advantages:

  1. High reliability.
  2. Speed of delivery to remote destinations.
  3. Excellent specialized transport capability.
  4. Superior manageability.
  5. A high standard of safety and security.

Top Industries That Benefit

Now after three-plus years of working with private jet carriers, several key industries have been shown to benefit the most from this form of air transportation. They are:

1.Perishable Goods

The best example of a perishable is food. That means frozen foods, fresh foods, substances that have a rapid expiration date, and fresh foods. Short shelf life means that rapid transportation is a paramount concern.

Transporting all the above is poorly suited for spending weeks, months – or even days – in the cargo holds of ships. Air transport is the solution. When traditional commercial air freight carriers struggled, private jet cargo stepped in to save the day.

2.Livestock and Other Animals

One of the most difficult commodities to transport are live animals, including farm livestock and pets. The humane treatment of animals is paramount. Consumers also are increasingly demanding that animals be treated with dignity and respect.

Live animals require other special accommodations, such as secure holding spaces, sufficient food and water and sufficient space. Other factors, like proof of health certificates and sundry government regulations, also apply.

Here again, private jet cargo carriers are uniquely equipped to handle the unique challenges of transporting live animals.

3.Humanitarian Missions

There are many locations around the world where gaining access to local populations is extremely difficult. Often, basic infrastructure like roads, railways and river channels are nonexistent.

In many such cases, air transport into areas where aid and relief are a critical concern is the only option. Private jet cargo options have proved to be a highly workable solution in these situations.

4.The Medical Sector

Transporting organs for transplants and other types of biological specimens is even more challenging than transporting highly perishable items like food and live animals. In addition to speed and highly sterile cargo environments, life-saving medical items rely on specialized containment and support equipment.

Officials with Stratos Jet Charters said the private jet sector is tailor-made to accommodate the stringent requirements of transporting life-saving organs and biologicals to their destinations. Transporting people in medical emergency situations is also a key element of the medical transport sector.

5.High-Value Cargo + Fragile

Think of one of the world’s premier museums or art galleries, such as the Guggenheim in New York or the Louvre in Paris. These and many other similar institutions must transport items that may be worth literally tens of millions of dollars each.

For example, August Renoir’s famous painting, Bal du Moulin de la Galette, is valued at $187 million! Picasso sells from $120,000 and the low-end to hundreds of millions of dollars for just one of his individual works of art.

Transporting elite cargo like this requires a whole greater level of security, storage, timing, logistics and more – this is cargo that must arrive safe and secure no matter where it’s going.

Private jet cargo capabilities are uniquely positioned to handle super secure air transport of items of extreme value and fragility.

In fact, fragility might be considered a category in and of itself. There are numerous kinds of cargo and freight that bear high fragility. A private jet has an unmatched ability to handle such items with tender loving care.

The Private Jet Cargo Solution

Whether it’s a human heart for a life-saving transplant, a painting worth a hundred million, or a load of seafood and fresh vegetables, private jet cargo service proved to be a major solution during the worst days of COVID. Now it’s seen more often as the go-to solution for everyday efficient air transport.

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