The Top 7 Challenges In The Healthcare Recruitment Industry

Healthcare organizations, especially care homes, have been struggling on the recruitment front for quite some time now. Even after hiring the most competent healthcare recruitment agency, many employers have failed to ensure quality care in their organisations. While this isn’t something simple as recruitment is not the only issue here, filling the gaps in the recruitment process can help the system a lot.

It is because when you hire the right people in the healthcare business, they form a team of caregivers. They not only ensure quality care but also contribute to the progress of your organisation, help build a positive reputation and keep the morale of the team high. All of that can be achieved by finding the top professionals. But first, you need to address the top 7 challenges in the healthcare recruitment system. 

  • Collecting Data On Young Candidates

When it comes to healthcare organisations, staff shortage is by far the biggest problem. According to The Health Foundation, over a million healthcare staff are required to meet the demands of the current healthcare organisations and overcome the post-pandemic challenges by 2030. As part of their healthcare management solutions, many employers contact and hire nursing recruitment agency

But with more and more HCAs reaching old age and getting closer to their retirement, the real challenge is to find young nurses and workers. Most healthcare recruitment agencies don’t have fresh candidates in their pool. Moreover, finding qualified and licensed young professionals is even more difficult. 

  • Retention 

Just like any other industry, retention is an even bigger challenge than hiring. Even if you hire the top nursing recruitment agencies in the UK, you’ll still have to figure out how you can keep your staff from leaving. In 2021 and 2022, the highest percentage of healthcare staff leaving was almost 60% and the number belonged to the youngest staff. 

The situation calls for a comprehensive multi-dimensional and well-structured healthcare solution. Organisations often don’t consider these questions but they set them up for disappointment when they hire people without a thorough background check. Moreover, the absence of a dynamic learning environment where new courses and training sessions are organised regularly is also a huge hindrance to retention. 

  • Heavy Costs 

Healthcare organisations pay a hefty cost due to shortages and turnover. Despite paying millions in these costs, most hospitals, care homes, and organisations do not switch to a smarter healthcare recruitment system. Cutting recruitment costs and filling gaps efficiently is now needed more than ever. 

With the aging population getting higher and more people reporting Long COVID signs, the healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK must come up with a more efficient and sustainable solution. 

  • Bridging The Gap Between Recruitment & Hiring Process

Recruiters from all around the UK consider hiring managers to be the most crucial and yet the biggest culprits in the recruitment process. Since they take a lot of time to review CVs, forwarding the new candidates always gets delayed. 

Hiring managers are rarely interested in speeding up the process as they think that it’s essential to tick every box. What’s more concerning is the fact that even in this modern day and age, looking for a more streamlined and digital solution is still not the priority of the hiring managers or the healthcare recruiting agency itself. 

  • Lack Of Data Accessibility 

Accessing data about available jobs, openings, and new opportunities is a major issue for recruitment agencies in the UK. As of 2023, many healthcare agencies stated that poor data visibility made their job harder. 

Without knowing about the opportunities, setting a candidate up for an interview is just impossible. Regardless of how capable and qualified candidates share their resumes with nursing recruitment agencies, if the agencies don’t have access to the right jobs at the right time, everything will be a waste of time. Moreover, these agencies also face trouble in checking the data on the candidates. For example, their previous work experience, their employer’s feedback, and their professional experience, all remain difficult to access in most cases. 

  • Absence of Fair & Diverse Inclusion 

Workplace culture is a major determining factor of any company’s progress. This is especially important in the healthcare sector. However, a study from 2023 showed that only 47% of UK employers have an ED&I strategy. 

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Talent that is acquired without inclusion is not a talent for a dynamic environment. A healthcare recruitment agency in the UK must know this very fact. Workplace diversity assures the new candidates of fairness and transparency at the organisation. Inclusion is what makes a workplace environment healthy. 

  • The Lack Of Temporary Staffing Solutions On The Go 

With technology so advanced, a digital platform where nurses, HCAs, and healthcare professionals could connect with healthcare organisations, is imminent. ESGO Healthcare Solutions is now transforming healthcare staffing with its smart, innovative, and user-friendly website and app. 

Such a solution could also eliminate the need for intermediaries such as healthcare recruitment agencies and nursing recruitment agencies. When employers have the freedom to connect with a worker and ask any question they want, things get simpler, easier, and more efficient. 

With digital innovation in every business, the healthcare recruitment industry too, needs a hand-on solution to create a positive impact on the system.

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