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The Top 5 Stock Analysis Apps To Use  

Stock Analysis

Many people have launched into investing to make money, whether they lose it or pass the time. The way you invest in a choice everyone has to make on their own, but if you seek to earn money, you need to know, especially if you want to invest and trade stocks. Google is the base of everything. To understand where to invest, you may first need to consult the news to see what is going on in the stock market. Google is not an expert in offering accurate content all the time. Still, it allows you to consult all kinds of information about companies and get news from them in specific periods. This will usually be the ideal search engine to find anything. It also has a specialized section known as Google Finance, which allows you to see the value of shares in real-time for practically all markets. That is why Google Finance is the recommendation for knowing the price in real-time of the stock market. Stock analysis apps are also a great way to find out which stocks are the best. Let us take a look at some top ones.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a perfect place for news and analysis on stocks in the American market. There are some stocks from other markets, but not all of them. In this application, you will find concise news in real-time, analysis of market movements from expert investors, alerts, quotes, and you can even track your portfolio in it. Seeking Alpha has a very active community of investors, stock traders, leaders, journalists, etc., and you can even find earnings reports, transcripts, and much more there. It is a great community, and in it, you can inform yourself to make the right financial decisions. You will find information on stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and even commodities or cryptocurrencies. The application also has a web version and a free version. However, if you pay, you can access exclusive news, investment ideas, investment signals, performance metrics, and much more.


If Seeking Alpha is the place to learn about the stock market, Stocktwits is like the Twitter of the stock market. It is a perfect place to find out about the needs (especially the American ones) and also about cryptos. With Stocktwits, you can keep up to date with market trends, create watch lists, track your portfolio, etc. Many people find out what is happening in a company by consulting the information that Stocktwits offers. In Stocktwits, you will find a lot of signals and indicators to know what to invest in. In addition to that, it has a very active community where they are constantly sending messages with important information. You can even check information about companies and much more. It is where everyone is chatting about the stock market, and it is enjoyable to participate.


Investing is another wonderful community where you can keep up to date on financial markets globally. It also has tools to study these companies and do stock analysis, so it is essential and helpful. In it, you will find real-time quotes of more than 100,000 financial instruments. Another advantage is that you can create your portfolio and follow it, even with an economic calendar that you can customize based on your interests. Thanks to this, you will know when companies present results and those kinds of things that traders use to understand when to invest, with alerts and personalized notifications to your liking. In the Investing app, you will also find news, videos, updates, and analysis, as well as information on technology, politics, and business. You can access their website or use their mobile applications.

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is an app used by many stock traders to consult news about the stock market and determine where to obtain real-time quotes and analysis. Of all the applications you can download to track the market, Yahoo! Finance is one of the essentials. It is an app that has everything in one place, which makes it easy to use: news, personalized watch lists, updated charts with the latest stock values, stock indices, and more. It is an ideal application to keep track of your investment portfolio in a practical and uncomplicated way. It is so cool that Yahoo! Finance even runs a weekly earnings report for stocks and other securities you’ve purchased.

In Yahoo! Finance, you will be able to obtain investment signals (although not as robust as the ones mentioned above) and information to know which companies are improving the stock market. It is a professional and reliable platform to find out about stocks, currencies, raw materials, bonds, and much more. In addition, it offers the possibility of comparing stocks with full-screen interactive graphs and keeps you up to date on share changes and stakes in major companies. It also includes all the information and tools to analyze the evolution of 100 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ethereum.

Simply Wall St

Not only does Simply Wall St allows you to create a follow-up list, but it also provides additional details in the form of graphs and reports the status of each action you wish to take. With Simply Wall St, you can know the current health of a company, the strength it has had in the past, its importance for the future, if it is overvalued, or not and if its market performance has been substantial or just regular. The app also offers recommendations for companies similar to the ones you have researched, as well as a whole section dedicated to discovering investment opportunities based on fundamentals. Besides, all the above works both in the general view and in your investment portfolio, seeing how healthy it is, according to the actions you need to take. Simply Wall St has a relatively complete free plan, but if you want to exploit its power fully, it is recommended that you pay one of its annual subscriptions. It only allows you to track stocks. It is an app that helps with analyzing fundamentals visually, and it is a straightforward way for anyone.


So far, we have discussed applications that focus on making analyses and projections of the stock market based primarily on fundamentals, but trading is more than that. The other side of the coin is technical analysis, which is nothing more than strategizing based on the company’s past using charts. Both types of research are essential when investing.

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