The Top 7 NFT Marketing Agencies in 2022

NFT Marketing

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens have made their mark on the digital world thanks to value and adoption. Though the associated user base is small – with NFTs holding a mere 1.6% of the total cryptocurrency market cap – the growth within that community has been significant. January was a special month for NFTs, as NFT assets made a total of $7 billion in those 31 days alone. Despite a volatile market, the evidence suggests that NFTs are here to stay, and we are just in the early phases of their adoption.

So, what do you do if you want to get in on the action and have an idea for an NFT?

Having realized the accessibility and diversity that NFTs bring to the digital ecosystem, buyers and sellers alike are keen on creative innovation. For that reason, those working on launching NFTs often focus on designing a creative digital asset. However, while focusing on the technical and artistic sides of these projects, many forget the most important factor in a successful NFT launch: a solid marketing strategy. This article will focus on elements of NFT marketing and the best strategies to promote your project.

Marketing, as a whole, offers prospective growth to all kinds of businesses. And, since NFTs are all about selling and buying digital assets, they should rightly be considered business prospects. Given the wide variety of NFT platforms and marketplaces in the digital space, the competition is already there. So, in order to shine in this competitive environment and ensure your NFT is among the best, it’s important to market your NFTs to perfection. But how do you execute a great NFT marketing plan? We’ll answer that below.

How to Create a Complete NFT Marketing Strategy and Plan

From NFT marketing agencies to personal marketing techniques, there are a variety of promotion strategies that will help you sell your NFTs at a solid price. Among them are some proven techniques for pulling together a strong NFT launch. Since you’re here to understand the best NFT marketing and strategies out there, you should consider the following:

  • Publishing press releases is one of the most important components for any NFT marketing strategist. Work through the idea behind your NFT and promote it to the right audience.
  • Discord and Telegram should be central to your marketing plan. Build a digital community across these platforms. They act as a discussion hub for various digital enthusiasts, bringing like minds together to comment on your project and offer ideas that will help make it a success.
  • Ensure your NFT is backed by an influencer who’s followed across the digital community. This strategy has proven to be the most effective for NFT projects.
  • Develop pages and profiles across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These should be used to approach influencers in the digital space and to post timely updates related to the NFT’s development and concept.
  • Secure paid advertisements across different websites and platforms; however, be sure to invest wisely and research your plan beforehand.
  • Become a part of all major NFT listing platforms. Make sure that your NFT idea or collection is listed across the leading NFT marketplaces. This will allow you to attract the eye of investors.
  • Use content and email marketing strategies as proven, old-school techniques to leverage your contemporary idea.

The Top-Tier NFT Marketing Agencies to Look Out For in 2022

Now that you have an idea of what NFT marketing is and what strategies are important for success, we’ll look at some of the best NFT marketing agencies out there right now. Browsing this category, you’ll find pros who can help your NFT make waves in the digital marketplace.

The first agency you should consider in 2022 is They are stepping into the role of the ideal PR agency in the crypto and blockchain community by adhering to standards of excellence in productivity, efficiency and profitability. As an NFT marketing agency that brings NFTs to enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike, offers a set of uniquely diversified marketing techniques.

The agency pushes NFT projects across social media to create awareness among new users. Following that, they focus on targeted engagement while also working across geographical locations. This technique allows them to simultaneously tighten and broaden the scope of your advertisement, keeping seasoned investors and capturing new ones. In addition to PR, provides other services such as SEO, social media promotion, influencer marketing, podcasts, and assisting with social media verification.

Having a track record since year 2017, TokenMinds has worked with more than 60 clients and continued to deliver results over time. To date, this agency has achieved up to $190MM via NFT/Token sales on behalf of its clients, and the amount is still counting. It is of course no surprise that TokenMinds has remained as an industry leader ever since.

From crypto marketing, blockchain development and Token/NFT Sale, this agency is a one-stop full service partner for building and strategizing for you. The good news is pricing and deliverables are transparent, so you can expect the best value for your money.

Omni is a premier community management and growth agency for blockchain projects. They specialize in growing blockchain communities, nurturing & growing engagement within those communities, and lastly converting those communities into customers/users they are the #1 trusted community agency in the space! 
Their top services include: Community/Social content creation, community management, community growth hacking, guerrilla marketing, Twitter ads, influencer marketing, to list some of Omni’s popular services. 

CryptoPR is another key NFT marketing strategizer. They work by blending conventional and contemporary marketing strategies. With their press release services, you can have your concept compellingly documented for your market. After that, CryptoPR takes a studied approach to marketing NFT projects.

Their platform works on search engine optimization, media outreach and advertising to generate traffic. With plans to interact with and arrange interviews with digital influencers and other significant traffic sources, CryptoPR can bring a solid marketing plan to your NFT.

This award-winning NFT digital marketing agency has been part of multiple successful projects. Their skill is evidenced by their high customer satisfaction rates across the digital ecosystem. Crowdcreate works from the principles of inclusivity and connectivity with the individuals building the idea for the NFT. Once the creators of an NFT approach the service, Crowdcreate shares the idea and offers tried strategies to market the business to perfection.

Their system entails creating brand videos and content for their NFT projects, while also using  influencer-based strategies to expand community engagement across the existing NFT market. No doubt, Crowdcreate is an exceptional option among NFT marketing agencies. Though they will come at a higher price-point, they can spell a breakthrough for digital enthusiasts with exceptional NFT ideas.

A B2B NFT marketing service provider, NinjaPromo offers some outstanding NFT marketing services for its clients. This NFT marketing agency is especially impressive for its efficiency, brought by its diverse menu of services. These services range from content and social media management, to production and influencer marketing, to social advertising.

Another noteworthy service offered by NinjaPromo involves developing videos for NFT collections. These powerful engagement tools are a clear example of how this provider offers some of the best options for NFT marketing.

This NFT marketing agency has recently begun providing services and is making a strong entrance into the existing market. Dapixel helps NFT projects set up a clear roadmap to success. It does this by offering strategies to overcome all the significant hurdles NFTs creators face in ensuring a good launch.

A key facet of Dapixel is competitor analysis. Their analysis helps creators set up better strategies to learn from and outsmart the existing leaders in the market. As you think about developing and launching your NFT, you should consider marketing using agencies like this to bring the best out of your investment.

Moving Forward with Your NFT 

Whenever you pursue an idea for an NFT collection, you should understand the need for substantial and effective marketing. In fact, there are no projects to date that have made a meaningful impact in the NFT market without a well-executed marketing strategy. To make sure that your idea sells and generates the return you’re looking for, invest in creating interest. Agencies like the ones we’ve named in this article can expand your reach and offer proven techniques to get the sales you want.

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