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The Top 5 Best Pinterest Video Downloader Online

The more good videos on Pinterest, the more people are looking for the best Pinterest video downloader online. That’s mainly because Pinterest does not yet provide a feature to directly download images or videos.

The Pinterest application allows you to upload and get a variety of images. That’s why the platform is still a favorite of users to search for photos and videos.

But unfortunately, until now, they have not issued an image download feature. So that the third-party platform becomes the choice of users, like these best Pinterest video downloader online.

The Top 5 Pinterest Video Downloaders Online


The first one on the list of best Pinterest online video downloaders is This is where you can easily download any videos from Pinterest without hustling.

All you need is the link to the video, and that’s basically it. They made the process as simple as possible so people won’t face any trouble using it. You can always use even without paying a single penny. It’s fast, free, and definitely worth a try.

2. Telegram

The next downloader is the Telegram application. Who would have thought this application turned out to be very multifunctional. It is not only used as a chat application, but more than that, it can also be used as a downloader.

Maybe you also know that on Telegram, there are many bots of various types. One of the bots is Pinterest Downloader.

That bot is what you later use to help you get Pinterest videos. Actually, not only Pinterest, there are many other video bots like TikTok and Instagram.

3. Catch Tube

If previously it was an application or a web, the next downloader is a site called Catch Tube. This site provides a feature to download videos for free from any social media.

So, not only from Pinterest but from Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and many other sites.

4. PHP Experts

The next best Pinterest video downloader online still comes from online sites, too, so you don’t need any applications in order to get your favorite videos from Pinterest. In addition, not only in the form of videos but also GIFs and images.

The good news is that this PHP experts site can be run on all browsers, so you don’t have to worry if it’s a different browser type.

And finally, you can use this site from various devices, be it Android, iOS, to desktop. Very easy, isn’t it?

5. Pinterest Video Downloader

Next up is the Pinterest Video Downloader site. You need to know that this site does not default or belong to Pinterest. It’s just that the name is similar. This website makes it easy for you to get videos.

The quality or resolution of the video you get is also very good, which is 1080p with the MP4 file format. Just like before, this site is also compatible with various devices, such as iPhones, Android, Tablet, PC to MAC.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get videos from Pinterest. It’s not as hard as you might think. By only getting the link to the video, you can get it immediately with the help of online downloaders. The process is easy, and they’re compatible with various devices. 

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