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The Top 5 Benefits of SEO in 2022

As we skew closer and closer to an all-digital future, we become aware of the numerous burgeoning questions that linger on the horizon. What does it mean to live partially online? Will we still even go to an office by 2030? And the one that remains most pertinent to our conversation. How can I organically grow my customer base in what seems to be an infinite horizon? These are the questions we face as we enter the new decade. These thoughts that have been bubbling for years are now growing to a boil, and we’re beginning to fundamentally rethink the way businesses are run in this new era. That’s why it is essential to understand how your company can exist online. The internet can be an incredible tool, but only if used correctly. Otherwise, your company will be awash in the digital sea. Rudderless with no hope of survival. To combat this and to show you the many benefits and nuances of SEO. We’ve engaged with Kevin Miller to outline the numerous benefits a thorough understanding of SEO can have for your company!

The What of SEO?

First off, let’s answer some questions. Many of you may be wondering, “what exactly is SEO?” Well, I’m glad you asked! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the study of digital marketing trends, coupled with a thorough understanding of internet search engines such as Google used to achieve high priority placement within the said search engine. If that sounded like a mouthful, we don’t blame you. This means that content on your website or online storefront is tailored to a search engine’s algorithm so that it receives a higher listing on the website. This ensures that customers can see your page almost immediately! Give your online market an air of authority to your customers.

The Why of SEO?

Now that we’ve explained what SEO is, you may be asking yourself, well, this is all well and good, but why would I need it? That’s a great question! Because SEO has the potential to give exposure to your business, your company has a higher chance of gaining traffic. And traffic means money. Whether raw sales or ad revenue, as long as you keep people clicking, it can only benefit your business. Another way to think about it is like this. Have you ever googled something and gone onto the second page? No? Me either! There could be hidden gems buried deep within the pages of the search engine, but you and I would never know. Why? Because in our digital sphere, we have neither the time nor the patience to sift through an endless list of seemingly identical listings. It is essential to make sure your listing is on the front page. Otherwise, it will get lost, and you will lose out on potential earnings!

The How’s of SEO

Now that we’ve illustrated how important SEO is for any business. Let’s move on to the nitty-gritty and start talking about how to implement these strategies into your business. First, you must do your research. SEO is an evolving science, and the rules are being re-written every day. That’s why copious amounts of research must be done to stay up to date. But hey, if that doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested in, we get it. That’s why we recommend touching base with a company that focuses on SEO for a consultation. These people are experts in the field because their success is entirely based on your success. You can rest assured knowing that they have a ton of skin in the game. Whether it be content creation for your brand or a simple consultation. Engaging with a company that specializes in SEO is, in fact the number one way to engage with the internet’s search algorithms. Look at it this way. Online it’s a jungle out there. There is no shame if you need a guide!

To extend our metaphor. Let’s say this. A business is like a ship. And when we’re navigating through the oceanic internet, it is of the utmost importance to be aware of the roles you and your collaborators play. You’re the captain, you’re brash but you know your job and you do it with aplomb. You’re stoic but you have a quiet dignity that inspires the rest of your crew. Part of that dignity is paying attention to the rise of new challenges and understanding when it’s the right time to delegate. In SEO, unless you have someone stationed on that subject permanently, our advice is to delegate. There are countless companies that deliver on their promises. And can help you stay on course as you navigate the seas ahead.

SEO is an elusive topic. In the information age, we are not stunted by the control of information but by its proliferation. Through the internet, we see what infinity means, and in some ways, it’s awe-inspiring. But for businesses? It’s more like a nightmare. That is why it is important to have a strong understanding of SEO and how your company interacts. Not only of the numerous ways it can help you gain priority on the world’s foremost search engines. But to also see how important that priority is to your continued success for your company. Some brands have even foregone the traditional storefront because of how powerful properly utilizing SEO can be. Don’t lose out on organically growing your business digitally. In 2022 we have to constantly be ahead of the curve, and SEO is the chance to do it for online companies. Otherwise, you could be stuck, lost in the annals of Google, hoping someone somewhere out there will find you.

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