The Top 13 Crypto Podcasts for Investors in 2023

Crypto Podcasts

Are you eager to navigate the ever-changing world of crypto in 2023? Keeping informed is key, and what better way to do so than through podcasts? To save you time, we’ve curated a list of the top 13 must-listen crypto podcasts for the year. So, let’s dive right in and get you connected to the most insightful voices in the cryptocurrency space.

#1. All Roads Lead to Polygon – Best All-Around Podcast

“All Roads Lead to Polygon” is a podcast that discusses a range of topics in decentralized finance, gaming, and high-tech fields. Their latest episode – QuickSwap’s 25th webisode in the highly-rated “ARLTP” Twitter Space – welcomed crypto experts to discuss topics that resonate across the spectrum. Whether you’re exploring liquidity management in DeFi or eager to understand tokenomics, this podcast is your go-to resource. With a sense of community and a dash of excitement, hosts like @CryptoRocky make complex subjects approachable for everyone.

#2. Bankless

“Bankless” is targeted at those seeking to understand financial systems beyond traditional banking. Hosted by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, the show predominantly focuses on the Ethereum ecosystem. It offers a blend of news updates and interviews with key players like Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Rich in both breadth and depth, “Bankless” serves as an educational cornerstone for anyone interested in the financial applications of cryptocurrency.

#3. Tales From The Crypt (TFTC)

“Tales From The Crypt” offers a macro view of Bitcoin, examining its implications on wider issues such as monetary policy and energy consumption. Host Marty Bent conducts exhaustive interviews with influential figures in the crypto space, offering listeners a hefty catalog of episodes to learn from. Its comprehensive approach makes it a valuable resource for those wanting to understand the social and political contexts in which cryptocurrency operates.

#4. The ‘What is Money?’ Show

Robert Breedlove’s podcast, “The ‘What is Money?’ Show,” goes beyond the usual crypto discussions to explore the historical and philosophical aspects of money. It positions Bitcoin within broader economic and social frameworks, giving listeners a more cerebral perspective on cryptocurrencies and their potential to disrupt traditional financial systems.

#5. The Pomp Podcast

Anthony Pompliano’s “The Pomp Podcast” sits at the intersection of business and crypto finance. The show features comprehensive interviews with influential figures like CZ of Binance and Jameson Lopp. While its primary focus is cryptocurrency, it doesn’t limit itself and explores other facets of finance and entrepreneurship, making it a versatile listen for those interested in the evolving financial landscape.

#6. The a16z Podcast

Produced by venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), “The a16z Podcast” provides an insider’s look into the world of venture capital within the crypto industry and beyond. The show covers a myriad of sectors, including biotech, artificial intelligence, and healthcare. It appeals to listeners who are not only crypto-enthusiasts but also those interested in understanding how venture capital interacts with multiple industries.

#7. Empire

“Empire” is a Blockworks-produced podcast hosted by industry insiders Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Roel Santos. With Santos known for his early investments in protocols like Aave and Synthetix, the podcast lends an investor’s perspective to current crypto trends. The show frequently invites founders of major crypto projects to discuss their long-term visions and immediate roadmaps, providing listeners with a nuanced understanding of where the crypto industry may be headed. Additionally, the hosts offer “roundup” episodes that analyze the latest market news and trends, making “Empire” a comprehensive source for crypto analysis.

#8. Crypto Marketing with Ty Smith

The “Crypto Marketing Show,” hosted by Ty Smith, is a specialized podcast that delves into the unique challenges and opportunities within the crypto marketing landscape. Produced by Coinbound, Smith’s marketing agency, the podcast covers an array of subjects pertinent to marketing in the blockchain, crypto, and Web3 sectors. Unlike many crypto podcasts, the episodes are notably short, ranging from 5 to 12 minutes, but are densely packed with actionable tips and strategies. This makes it a particularly valuable resource for entrepreneurs or marketing professionals who are pressed for time but still want to effectively navigate the complex world of crypto marketing.

#9. The Third Web with Arthur Falls

Arthur Falls’ “The Third Web” offers a comprehensive look into Ethereum while also reflecting on the broader history of cryptocurrency. Originating from “The Ether Review,” the podcast exemplifies Falls’ own journey from Bitcoin to Ethereum, capturing his nuanced perspectives shaped by earlier involvement with the Beyond Bitcoin Podcast. The show centers on Ethereum’s capabilities and the vision for its mass adoption, presenting a well-rounded view that appeals to both crypto novices and long-term enthusiasts.

#10. The Money Movement with Jeremy Allaire

“The Money Movement,” hosted by Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of Circle, provides an expansive understanding of crypto in the context of economics and philosophy. Well-known for its USDC stablecoin, Circle’s Allaire draws from behind-the-scenes knowledge to delve deep into how cryptocurrencies are influencing the global financial framework. Interviews with key players like Solana’s Anatoly Yakovenko and Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor enrich the podcast’s depth and make it a compelling resource for anyone looking to grasp the sweeping changes in finance.

#11. 1000x

Hosted by Avi Felman and Jonah Van Bourg, “1000x” is a podcast focused on the financial aspects of crypto. With Felman heading Digital Asset Trading at GoldenTree Asset Management and Bourg serving as the Global Head of Trading at Cumberland, the hosts possess extensive market knowledge. They explore both macro and micro factors affecting the crypto market, providing listeners with the tools to understand and anticipate market movements. It’s beneficial for those interested in the financial mechanics of crypto trading.

#12. The Bad Crypto Podcast with Joel Comm & Travis Wright

“The Bad Crypto Podcast” provides a refreshing twist to the often serious crypto dialogue. Hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, the show is characterized by its lighthearted banter and unorthodox approach to ICO discussions. What sets this podcast apart is its ability to engage with listeners in a way that’s both educational and entertaining. Whether you’re there for the comedy or the crypto knowledge, you’ll find it’s a balanced blend of both.

#13. What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Peter McCormack’s “What Bitcoin Did” is noteworthy for its emotionally grounded take on the digital asset world. Having been in the crypto space for an extended period, McCormack adds a human touch to discussions on Bitcoin’s role as both a store of value and a currency. His in-depth interviews and conversations offer a richer, more layered understanding of macro-finance in the context of cryptocurrency.

So, there you have it – 13 top-notch crypto podcasts to keep you informed, entertained, and ahead of the curve in 2023. Now, the only question is, which one will you tune in to first?

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