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The Top 10 Replica Air Jordan 4 Colors

Rapper Dave is a sneakerhead, much like many of you reading this essay. Additionally, the rapper claims that the only Jordan models he is now interested in are the Jordan 4s and Jordan 1s in his relatively recent song Clash (feat. Stormy). The rapper’s shout-out has undoubtedly increased interest in the two already popular basketball shoe styles.

Out of the two, it is obvious that the former is more difficult to get; however, if the enthusiasm around the Replica Air Jordan 4 shoe persists, we anticipate that the former will become just as common as the AJ1 model. Therefore, why not go in front of the game if you haven’t already?

The top 10 Replica Air Jordan 4 colorways, including the Union x Replica Air Jordan 4 and the Replica Air Jordan 4 “Fire Red,” are all listed below and can all be found on HAMPSSNEAKERS.

“Cactus Jack” Replica Air Jordan 4 by Travis Scott

Currently, we lust for whatever Travis Scott touches, including this 2018 pair of Replica Air Jordan 4. The artist’s favorite American football club, the Houston Oilers, is honored by the sky blue color that covers the top, while Scott’s Cactus Jack record label is referenced by the logos on the inner sole and left heel.

Jordan 4 in “Fire Red”

There’s nothing better than getting your hands on an original colorway, although collaborations are enjoyable and new hues might be thrilling. The Replica Air Jordan 4 “Fire Red,” which is as fiery as its name indicates, is one of the pairs that Michael Jordan wore on the court.

“Military Blue” Replica Air Jordan 4

The Replica Air Jordan 4 “Military Blue” colorway debuted in 1989 with the “Fire Red” model. Naturally, sneakerheads are clamoring for a chance to get a pair. Fortunately for them, rumors suggest a 2022 throwback release. However, if you can’t wait till then, you may get several pairs right now on FARFETCH.

Nike Replica Air Jordan 4 “Sail” by Off-White

Off-White may be known for its opulent, industrial style, but with the debut of the Off-White x Nike Air Jordan “Sail,” Virgil Ablow has shown that he can also master simple design. The practical, adaptable, and highly coveted phantom cream-hued shoe will undoubtedly become a staple in your rotation of sneakers.

Metallic Purple Replica Air Jordan 4

The Air Jordan 1 Metallic Pack was produced by Nike in the same year as the original Jordan, and it included a variety of white Air Jordan 1s with distinctive metallic color accents on each pair. 35 years later, Jordan Brand used this design idea to produce the Replica Air Jordan 4 “Metallic Green,” “Metallic Red,” “Metallic Orange,” and, our personal favorite, the “Metallic Red.”

Replica Air Jordan 4 “Guava Ice” by Union

We’re still in need of a pair of Union x Replica Air Jordan 4s, ideally a pair of the very fruity “Guava Ice” kicks, a year after the release.

The Los Angeles-based streetwear store updated the classic shoe design by layering suede over the mesh on the top, folding and stitching the tongue, utilizing transparent material to create the model’s trademark wings, and adding a tiny bit of obvious Union LA tag to the sidewall.

Black Cat Replica Air Jordan 4

One of the many monikers given to Michael Jordan is “Black Cat.” As is customary, Jordan Brand utilized this piece of knowledge to inspire the design of a sleek, seductive, all-black sneaker that is suggestive of a panther.

Replica Air Jordan 4 NRG “Denim” by Levi’s

The Jordan x Levi’s partnership met all of the expectations. The shoe covered in denim used some Levi’s distinguishing features, such as the iconic red tab, tobacco-colored stitching, and leather brand patch, to elevate the Replica Air Jordan 4 design into a unique relic. Is it possible for you to pull off a triple denim look?

White Denim Replica Air Jordan 4 by Levi’s

Consider the white sneaker option from the partnership if a blue denim Levi’s shoe is a bit too overt for you. There is simply no excuse not to think about including the Levi’s x Replica Air Jordan 4 “White Denim” in your collection since it is adaptable, strong, and highly sought-after.

White Oreo Replica Air Jordan 4

A black and white Replica Air Jordan 4 colorway with white speckles was released in 1999 by Jordan Brand as a nod to the well-known American cookie company Oreo. A ‘White Oreo’ AJ4 was unmistakably inspired by the white cream inside an Oreo rather than the cookie itself when it was released 21 years later. To be honest, we like the more recent color scheme better.

The Replica Air Jordan 4 “11Lab4”

The Replica Air Jordan 4 and the iconic glossy patent leather finish of the Air Jordan 11 were combined in 2015 to create the “11Lab4” Black and “11LAB4” Red. The red colorway, which is the louder of the two, has always drawn our attention because it stands out more and doesn’t resemble a typical Replica Shoes.

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