The Top 10 Paid Shopify Themes for Your E-Commerce Store

The Top 10 Paid Shopify Themes for Your E-Commerce Store.

The Top 9 Premium Shopify Themes for Your E-Commerce Store

After using a free Shopify theme for a while and experiencing success with your e-commerce business, you’re now considering the switch to a paid Shopify theme. As with many aspects of Shopify, you’re faced with a wide range of options.

To assist you in this decision-making process and, more importantly, to empower you to make an informed choice, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 paid themes for your Shopify-powered online store.


Some e-commerce entrepreneurs may choose to stick with a simple theme, especially those with a relatively limited product selection.

Flow Shopify Theme is a minimalist theme that allows consumers to get straight to the point and have direct access to products. You can start with an introduction to your company or your products on the homepage, while integrating a video via a YouTube or Vimeo link.

Once again, customers have the possibility to add products to their cart without leaving the page, thanks to the quick add functionality included in this theme. Additionally, the theme features a product grid designed to help you showcase specific products. Through this grid, consumers hovering over selected products will see them light up, capturing their attention.

Another effective highlighting feature is also included in this theme: the promotional banner. Use it to offer discounts on your products and prominently feature them on your banner, benefiting your customers.

You can also showcase your Instagram profile and gain followers by integrating your feed of posts on the homepage of your Shopify online store.

You have the possibility to contact the developers directly in case of technical issues with this theme to ask any questions.


This theme is an excellent choice for online stores with a large product inventory. Free themes often seem to be limiting when it comes to integrating multiple collections with a wide array of products.

Symmetry enables you to elegantly showcase these collections to your customers, primarily through the use of a slideshow. The design, presented in a long format, fully utilizes the entire computer screen.

To enhance navigation and improve the overall shopping experience, a multi-level menu has been implemented. Additionally, the quick add-to-cart feature integrated into this theme ensures customer satisfaction.

Should you ever wish to refresh your site’s appearance and the products on display, you have the flexibility to make changes at any time using customizable sections. Additionally, you can seamlessly integrate your Instagram feed into a dedicated column on your homepage.


Should you encounter any challenges with this theme, rest assured that the developers provide customer support to assist with any technical issues you may encounter.

When e-commerce entrepreneurs embark on the journey of opening their first online store, they often grow accustomed to and fond of the simplicity offered by their free theme. Switching to a paid theme should be a smooth process.

Icon facilitates this transition effortlessly, providing additional features to enhance the overall Shopify e-commerce experience. Foremost among these is a focus on user navigation comfort. The theme incorporates sticky navigation, allowing customers to access menus even as they scroll down the page.

Moreover, Icon offers features like a slideshow and a multi-column menu. This theme also seamlessly integrates your Instagram feed, helping you grow your followers on the platform for more effective communication and marketing campaigns.

With the primary objective of boosting conversion rates on your Shopify store, Icon allows customers to quickly access product details without clicking. By simply hovering over a product without leaving the page, consumers can gain comprehensive insights into the products you offer.

From a design perspective, Icon offers the possibility to incorporate a parallax effect, introducing a sense of depth as you navigate through your website.

The developers of this theme have established a dedicated help and support center to address any inquiries related to their product.


Some e-commerce entrepreneurs find the need for a paid theme to enhance the quality of their online stores in comparison to free themes. This high quality is evident to customers, enabling them to connect more effectively with the products being offered.

Shopify’s Prestige theme provides customers with a better view and understanding of the products you offer. To achieve this, it offers a hotspot integration feature that allows you to create links from specific areas of the images placed on your products. This feature enables you to trigger actions when your customers click on specific parts of the images on your site.

Don’t underestimate the importance of storytelling. Once again, you can include a customizable timeline of your company, allowing you to take your customers on a journey through your history.

As mentioned earlier, the visual connection between the product and the customer is crucial in e-commerce. To ensure that this connection is effective, the theme allows you to feature high-quality images throughout your Shopify store. Additionally, these photographs help convey your storytelling, much like your Instagram feed, which can also be integrated into a dedicated column.

If you have a wide range of products to offer, customize the menu at the top of your homepage by segmenting it according to your various collections. This makes it easy for your customers to find what they want and when they want it.


Once again, providing online shoppers with large images is very importance. With the Pipeline theme, you can give consumers what they desire while effectively showcasing your catalog, regardless of its size, on your Shopify store.

To start, you can incorporate a multi-column menu, ensuring a comfortable browsing experience for customers. To take it a step further, the homepage is customizable and modular, giving you the opportunity to feature the products you prefer.

Highlight the images you desire with the capability, like many themes, to import your Instagram feed into a dedicated column, along with optimizing images for high quality.

All of these images are seamlessly integrated into a parallax-effect website.


If you’re looking for improved conversion rates on your Shopify store, consider this theme.

Once again, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a theme that allows you to showcase a wide range of products to your customers. The menu placed at the top of your online store, presented in multi-columns, will help guide your customers through your product catalog.

Furthermore, the slideshow feature will enable you to highlight products you’ve chosen to feature.

Additionally, the quick purchase tool will once again allow your customers to add products to their cart without leaving the page, helping increase your conversion rate.

Customizing the homepage will also help you refresh your store regularly by promoting different products from time to time. The modular layout of the homepage gives you the flexibility to easily choose the layout and products you want to display.

You can also leverage storytelling by featuring a video on the homepage and directly integrating a YouTube or Vimeo link.

If you encounter technical issues with this Shopify theme, its developers will be able to answer your questions.


Effective storytelling is very importance, and Shopify offers robust support for this endeavor by simplifying the creation and management of your blog directly from your dashboard.

In your quest to forge a stronger connection with your customers, harness the potential of this theme to craft custom forms tailored to your unique needs. Moreover, you have the flexibility to provide diverse options to your clients. This includes enabling them to refine their searches based on criteria such as price, brand (particularly valuable for those dealing with multiple brands, such as dropshipping businesses), or other customizable filters. This adaptability extends to the creative presentation of your products as well. You can unleash your imagination and construct visually engaging lookbooks, perfect for fashion boutiques, showcasing outfits, captivating photo sessions, and more.

Staying true to this narrative-centric approach, product pages offer ample customization. This allows you to infuse additional textual content and images.

Furthermore, you can narrate the journey of your business by seamlessly integrating a timeline feature. This provides customers with an opportunity to trace the evolution of your company over time. Additionally, you can introduce your team through the Team Showcase feature, solidifying the connections between your clients and your brand.

To ensure a seamless execution of your storytelling strategy throughout the development of your Shopify store, the developers behind this theme have thoughtfully provided comprehensive documentation. If this documentation falls short, they stand ready to assist you with any inquiries or challenges you may encounter.


When it comes to online selling, effective visual communication is paramount. As you establish your online store, you’ve likely recognized the critical role that images play. To address this, consider opting for a premium theme that places a strong emphasis on visual elements.

The Focal theme has been specifically crafted for e-commerce businesses that offer a diverse array of products to their customers. To meet the unique requirements of such stores, the theme developers have integrated the infinite scrolling feature. This functionality enables your website visitors to seamlessly scroll through your content without reaching the bottom of the page as long as there are more products to display. Users don’t need to click on a “next page” button to access additional content.

Moreover, when a customer lands on one of your product pages and the item is available in various colors, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your creativity. You can present color swatches, capturing the customer’s attention without requiring them to navigate between multiple photos.

Lastly, the inability to physically try on clothing hinders online shopping. To address this, the developers of the Shopify Focal theme have thoughtfully incorporated an automatic size chart into your product pages. This addition can significantly contribute to boosting your conversion rate.

In the event of any technical challenges, rest assured that the theme developers are readily available to assist e-commerce businesses with their inquiries and concerns.


What could be better than embracing simplicity and visual storytelling? Your customers will be delighted, and so will you. This is made possible by the premium Fluor theme, which allows you to have a clean and fluid presentation that will be a true pleasure for visitors.

Like other themes mentioned earlier, this one enables you to import high-quality, large images into your Shopify store. These images can then be arranged in a customizable grid, showcasing multiple products, posts, or promotions.

You can create photo carousels on your E-Commerce homepage. This particularly helps online shoppers to get an initial comprehensive view of your products before even starting their initial search, which is highly appreciated. When running promotions, you can feature products on the homepage for direct accessibility to your visitors.

Finally, your visitors can access product details with a simple mouse hover, without the need to click on the product itself.

To assist e-commerce entrepreneurs seeking answers, the developers offer both support and applications.


When you switch from a free theme to a paid one, you’re taking your Shopify store to the next level. These themes bring new features, most of which are customizable and offer a multitude of options. Prices vary from one theme to another, depending on the features they provide and the services offered by developers. At the lower price, you won’t have developer support, which can be very valuable during your Shopify journey.

So, carefully analyze the features you’ll need, as well as what your customers require, and make your choice!

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