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The Top 10 Best Tech Blogs

Technology blogs have become an essential source of news, reviews, and analysis about the latest developments and trends in consumer tech and IT. For tech enthusiasts, bloggers, and journalists, a great tech blog should cover a wide range of topics from emerging technologies like AI and crypto, to reviews of the newest devices and apps. Beyond the content itself, the best tech blogs feature top-notch writing, expertise, and production values that make them a daily destination for readers.

In this article, we’ll spotlight the top 10 best tech blogs that offer broad, reliable, and compelling tech coverage.

Criteria for Best Tech Blogs

When evaluating the best tech blogs, there are a few key criteria to consider:

Variety of topics

The top tech blogs provide extensive coverage of all aspects of technology, from computing to gaming to digital lifestyle. Blogs with niche focuses can also be excellent but general tech blogs offer information on all the latest developments.

Quality of writing

Great tech writing should translate complex topics into clear, engaging, and enjoyable reading. The best bloggers have a knack for explaining technical subjects to lay audiences.

Credibility and expertise

The ideal tech blog has writers with real knowledge and insight about technology and the industry. Their expertise should inform their news judgment, analysis, and reviews.

Frequency of posts

The best tech blogs publish new, original content frequently to stay current. Posts that are well-researched and thoughtfully written are preferable to churning out repetitive articles.

Engaging visuals

From photos and videos to infographics and GIFs, visual elements enhance the content of the top tech blogs and cater to different learning styles.

With these criteria in mind, let’s look at the top 10 best tech blogs operating today.

The Top 10 Best Tech Blogs


Veteran tech publication Wired covers how emerging technologies impact culture, the economy, and more. Beyond daily tech news, it offers in-depth profiles, thought-provoking essays, and eye-catching visual storytelling.


Breaking tech news is the focus of industry bellwether TechCrunch. Its up-to-the-minute reporting on startups, venture capital, and big tech is a must-read for Silicon Valley insiders and observers.


With its clean, magazine-style layout, Engadget offers tech enthusiasts brisk, lively coverage of everything from gadgets to gaming and apps. It’s a top destination for product reviews.

The Verge

Focusing on the intersection of tech and culture, The Verge combines tech news with long-form features, reviews, buyer’s guides, and more. Its podcast network reaches millions of engaged listeners every month.

Ars Technica

Veteran tech website Ars Technica is known for its in-depth, meticulously researched journalism and reviews. With content for techies and newcomers alike, it covers everything from science to gadgets.


TechRadar is a powerhouse for tech reviews, how-tos, buying advice, and breaking news. The expert reviewers put the latest laptops, phones, services and accessories through rigorous, real-world testing.


CNET has been a trusted source for tech news and product reviews for over 25 years. Like TechRadar, its team of seasoned experts evaluates new gadgets hands-on and rates them based on real user experiences.

Tom’s Guide

Tom’s Guide offers advice and buying guides on everything from laptops to smart home gear. Beyond its unbiased reviews, it provides tips, how-tos, and news to empower users to get the most from their tech.


Geraldfordtech Covering tech and the digital world, Mashable takes a conversational, accessible approach to deliver the latest web news and resources. It also highlights digital lifestyle, social media, and entertainment.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends offers breaking news, emerging tech coverage, product reviews, and buying guides. Beyond hardcore tech, it covers connected homes, entertainment, cars, photography, and more.


This list showcases the variety in today’s top technology blogs. While they each have a unique angle, the best tech blogs consistently deliver valuable insights into the ever-changing world of technology through high-caliber writing and reporting. Bookmarking a mix of general and niche tech blogs lets enthusiasts stay on the pulse of tech news and innovations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important criteria for the best tech blogs?

The essential criteria are the variety and depth of coverage, expertise, quality of writing, frequency of posts, and use of engaging visual elements. The top tech blogs excel across the board in these areas.

How often do the best tech blogs post new content?

The top tech blogs publish multiple posts per day to stay current. Bigger tech blogs often have multiple contributors posting content around the clock.

Where do the best tech bloggers and journalists tend to come from?

Some come from a journalism background, while others emerge from the tech industry. Diverse backgrounds combining tech expertise and strong writing skills produce the best tech blogs.

How can I find new and niche tech blogs to follow?

Look through blog aggregators like Feedly, follow recommendations from writers you like, and search for blogs focused on your tech interests like VR, cybersecurity, or programming.

What is the benefit of following general tech blogs rather than niche ones?

General tech blogs provide wider coverage of new technologies and trends across the industry. But niche blogs go much deeper into specific technical topics for those with specialized interests.

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