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The TMRW Conference Dubai Attracted Over 2,000 Attendees; Belgrade Second Edition is Scheduled For Early May

TMRW Conference Dubai

The debut edition of TMRW Conference, powered by 2142, was a success. The event, held in Dubai from February 8 to 10, 2023, was the first conference by the coordinator to be held in the UAE and Dubai.  Over 2,000 people attended, while more than 10,000 people live-streamed the conference worldwide. 

After governments chose to bar international travel and suspended physical conferences in the better part of 2020 and the early days of 2021 as part of the contagion against the COVID-19 virus, the TMRW Conference in Dubai was an opportunity for people to not only travel and explore projects but also create valuable networks from technology leaders and experts in the crypto and blockchain industry. 

The event took place in Dubai, a web3 and crypto-supportive region of the UAE that also serves as a melting pot of technology enthusiasts, and served as a reminder that the blockchain is here to stay. 

Among the attendees were over 80 internationally claimed technology masterminds behind some of the world’s most successful projects. They included Davinci Jeremie, Craig Sellars, Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, Dr. Christina Yan Zang, Khalifa Aljaziri Alshehhi, Christopher Quet, Stephanie Bretonniere, Abdulla Ziad Galadari, and many more. These experts presented their keynotes, gave interactive workshops, and participated in panels where they gave their insights on various technology fronts, including in the metaverse, NFTs, web3, and more.  In addition to the conference’s outstanding program, there were a variety of networking events, VIP dinners and parties.

The opening ceremony of TMRW was a trailblazing spectacle, with pyrotechnics, smoke, and special effects immersing the astronaut on stage.

On the first day, after the opening ceremony, the Strategic Advisor at Digital Dubai, Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, pointed out the role played by Dubai in the technology world. Meanwhile, Khalifa Al Jaziri Alshehhi, the advisor of the Ministry of Economy, demonstrated how it operated from the metaverse. Later, the CEO and co-founder of Vverse Technologies, Christopher Quet, said their goal is to bring real-world use into the metaverse. They currently have a library of over 100,000 assets that builders can take advantage of. Christopher pointed out that the metaverse shouldn’t be viewed with suspicion. Instead, the technology, that’s still being developed and refined, could be a hub of opportunities, not scarcity. 

Day two also brought some great speakers and topics. Loretta Joseph, for example, spoke about the different regulatory frameworks for digital and virtual assets. There was also an interesting talk about generative AI and the convergence with the Metaverse held by Dr. Mark van Rijmenam, The Digital Speaker. Anndy Lian talked about Web4 as a new way to decentralize. “The Metaverse ecosystem and Web3 need to be more decentralized. Web4 would be a totally different era, with machines and full automation. If we want to really create a more sustainable, decentralized environment, we’ve got to make the change. And again, a Web4 could be the possible angle.” he stated.

But the greatest global masterminds were brought to the stage on the last day. The topic ‘Business and Metaverse’ was presented by Sharad Agarwal, the  Chief Metaverse Officer at Jonscott Turco, Founder & CEO at, spoke about reinventing business and exploring opportunities and challenges of the metaverse and future technology.  While Davinci Jeremie pointed out how NFTs can be used beyond artworks, its major current application. In his view, NFTs can find use in the real world, for example, in ticketing, further bringing the community closer. 

The second Belgrade Edition by TMRW conference has been scheduled to be held between May 12 and 15. Mladjen Merdovic, the founder and CEO of TMRW Conference, said they would bring the highest quality programming and incredible products as they aim to open up network opportunities for everyone.

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