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The Titan Maintenance Group Discusses How Effective Facility Maintenance Reduces Cost  

Facility Maintenance

Titan Maintenance Group recently discussed how proper facility maintenance reduces overall facility expenses.

A business’s facilities constantly create costs, but the experts at Titan Maintenance Group can help. The company’s owner, George Eritsyan, recently discussed how proper facility maintenance could reduce overall costs and help businesses make more profit.

Common Maintenance Costs

Mr. Eritsyan began by outlining common maintenance costs businesses face. For some companies, a high cost may be heating or cooling the facilities. Roof repairs, plumbing issues, and electrical are other common expenses.

Facility maintenance provided by a qualified and reputable company helps ensure that all aspects of the facility are operating properly, end to end. Optimal function means better efficiency and a safer work environment.

Benefits of Routine Facility Maintenance

A company like Titan Maintenance Group keeps all types of large and small facilities in top condition. The following are several benefits of hiring a maintenance group, according to George Eritsyan and his team.

Keeps HVAC Units Functioning Efficiently

Many companies incur costs heating their facilities in winter and cooling them in the warmer months. This is often because the HVAC units are not functioning as efficiently as they can be. A qualified facilities partner provides robust preventative maintenance programs protecting your high-value investments. Efficient HVAC units help create the ideal shopping and working environments that are conducive to increased sales.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Lighting fixtures are not uncommon to burn out or experience problems, as they function for long hours in any workplace. A maintenance team will replace any nonfunctioning light bulbs and repair electrical problems affecting the lighting. A well-lit workplace is safer for everyone.

Keeps the Workplace Clean

A business’s maintenance crew is likely to separate from the cleaning crew, but a maintenance company plays a significant role in ensuring the facility is clean for employees and customers. They often perform deeper aspects of cleaning, such as disinfecting services, to ensure a safe and clean environment.

Maintenance Improves Lifespan

Purchasing new HVAC units, lighting, and plumbing fixtures regularly can quickly cut a business’s profits. George Eritsyan and his maintenance team help increase the life cycles of costly fixtures by inspecting and maintaining them regularly.

A Maintenance Team Decreases Distractions

Without the assistance of a maintenance company, a business or other facility is left to perform these actions themselves. This can be incredibly distracting for managers and other employees, as they may take time away from their core mission of taking care of their customers and calling individual repairmen. A facility maintenance company enables employees to focus on the success of the business.

George Eritsyan and Titan Maintenance Group

Titan Maintenance Group is an esteemed facilities maintenance company with assets and resources located throughout the US. They offer plumbing, handyman, electrical, and HVAC services for businesses of all sizes. Considering a company like Titan Maintenance Group can help a business reach its full potential.

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