The Technology Trends for Small Businesses for 2022 – Insights by Vito Proietti

Vito Proietti

Not all small business owners are at the forefront of technology as other big businesses can. However, technology still plays an important role in the development and effectiveness of your business says Vito Proietti. Based on the way, things changed last year, it is essential to stay tuned to the technology trends in small business.

While the new infrastructure, such as 5G, will gain traction all through the country, various other trends, like software unification, personalized marketing, and cybersecurity, can directly impact a small business.

The tech trends for small business

Today, there have been ample discussions on the technology trends for small businesses. According to Vito Proietti, here are a few essential trends to keep in mind:

  1. Artificial intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been the buzzword for years. And as these technologies got executed into more solutions, the small business owners will keep on integrating them to existing and new procedures.  Moreover It could indicate a wide range of execution situations, from the personalized consumer experience to the voice assistants. Artificial intelligence will enable small businesses to provide customized experiences to the consumers by maximizing their time and automating the manual tasks. Using the tech solutions incorporated with AI can help businesses save time. It has been found that 55% of the small businesses cite inadequate time as their main challenge. Hence, AI will add efficiency to the small business operations.

  1. Compact HR technology

An area that gained ample relevance in 2020 because of the pandemic outbreak was the requirement for compact HR software and the technology since that can help small business owners to track their needs and employees. According to experts, this trend will carry on says Vito Proietti. The shift to the remote work system has altered businesses in its culture, productivity, two-way interactions, engagement, and employee development. It has highlighted the requirement for efficient technology to move through such challenges. The centralized HR data systems are crucial now.

  1. Remote onboarding

As the populations are getting reduced in urban places, more individuals are searching for remote work. As the businesses embrace the new model and probable savings that come from it, they have to depend on technology to manage the remote onboarding procedures.

Last but not least, small businesses will focus more on automation. The process of automation has also been the buzzword in small business circles. But this might be the year where it assumes a central focus. Today, several business experts feel that small business owners might opt-in for automation as a good way to secure money and conceal the problem zones. And with an ongoing shortage of workers in specified domains, the automation investments will keep growing. However, The instances of small businesses comprise online price automation for balancing revenue growth and profitability and inventory management systems to ensure the correct inventory at hand.

These are some of the technology trends that small businesses need to focus on this year and the times ahead. It will lead to better business operation and seamless expansion says Vito Proietti.


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