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The “Teach Me How” Microlearning Online Platform Teaches Skills Through Bite-Size Videos

E-learning has radically altered our lives in ways that are difficult to comprehend; without it, living in the modern world would be impossible. In 2005, e-learning began a slow and steady alteration of the human mind, eventually gaining speed and causing a revolution.

The e-learning sector has exploded and is expected to reach $400 billion in the United States by 2026. Since 2019, when the sum was about $200 billion, it has more than doubled. This increase in numbers is astounding and noteworthy. 

Teach Me How is a cutting-edge platform with how-to videos that answer everyday difficulties in both personal and business settings. The site is a fantastic method for people to showcase their skills by creating how-to videos for academic, business, and government e-learning. 

Henry Williams, who recognizes the advantages of e-learning, is preparing to launch Teach Me How this year. This micro-learning platform was created to allow ordinary individuals with real talents to share their skills through how-to videos in a variety of areas.

Teach Me How was created with an understanding of people, and their needs to solve common difficulties with the help of short videos. Here, people can confidently demonstrate their skill set as they use information as a source and power. 

Williams aims to change the way individuals learn new talents and put them to practical use.

The user is not bound to any genre and can master a skill, based on their needs. Want to learn how to train a dog, make pottery, or change a diaper? The user can utilize Teach Me How to find solutions to ordinary real-life situations. In both personal and professional situations, short videos, often known as bite-sized how-to videos, are an imperative part of our life.

The founder and CEO Henry Williams states, “From startups to industry leaders, learning tasks, and solving problems are essential to getting the job done. Visual learners can brush up on product knowledge, access critical resources, acquire new knowledge, or master a new skill through TMH.”

With so many factors to choose from, marketing, new employees, and brand training are just a few to mention. The primary focus of the videos is to build quality content and teach skills. Accessible at any time and from any location, they are designed to reduce time consumption, increase knowledge, lower training expenses, and provide a long-term impact. 

Teach Me How is the most popular online platform for solving the problem at hand. Understanding learning curves, content is generated with the goal of being accessible to a worldwide audience at all times. It is decreasing the fact that humans forget information by 70% in one day. Growing and improving with the use of customer experience-based feedback, this e-learning is the future.

Currently, Teach Me How is raising Equity funds at Wefunder and is welcoming support for this impactful platform.

Williams’ goal is to elevate ordinary people to remarkable status. He spent experience reviewing/developing work instructions for production colleagues as an engineer in the automotive manufacturing and distribution industry. He prepared training videos after identifying holes in recorded work instructions and received a lot of positive responses. As a result of the feedback, content retention increased. Assisting with visualizations led to associate involvement. He also concentrated on engineering training and development, which led to the development of a video platform to improve engagement, retention, and productivity.

Teach Me How, it might be said, provides thoughtful solutions to everyday difficulties. The video developers emphasize useful how-to videos in both personal and professional sectors without requiring any specific skill set. The website is ready to reach a global audience and is an excellent platform for individuals, organizations, and SMEs.

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