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The Tastiest Items at Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill

If you’re ever in the mood for good seafood (and sometimes even when you’re not), it’s always a great choice to just head on out to a Bonefish Grill restaurant. Many regard the brand as the best among all the seafood chain restaurants, where you can get terrific seafood at more reasonable prices than what you might see in more upscale restaurants.

In fact, in the fast-casual dining world, one survey found that Bonefish Grill scores the highest overall among consumers. This is especially true in 3 crucial areas: an inviting atmosphere, attentive and friendly service, and overall food quality.

Come in and it’s a very nice and welcoming vibe here, with a helpful set of waitstaff eager to have you started on your Bonefish Grill experience. But what should you order? Of course, you’re the best person to answer that question. But if you’re new to Bonefish Grill, then these are orders you definitely need to try, as they will certainly delight your tastebuds!

Bang Bang Shrimp

You can get the popular Bang Bang Shrimp for $12.30.This isn’t just the most popular option among the appetizers. This signature dish is arguably the most popular among all the items in the entire Bonefish Grill menu.

In fact, many say that no Bonefish Grill experience is ever complete without the Bang Bang Shrimp. It’s almost heretical if you don’t order it. That’s why when you first enter the restaurant, you might notice that just about every table here orders the Bang Bang Shrimp. I

At first glance, it’s just shrimp that’s been tossed in some sort of sauce. But it’s not that simple, especially after you get your first bit. The shrimp is crispy and cooked perfectly, and it goes nicely with the creamy and somewhat spicy sauce. That spice level isn’t too harsh, so it’s great for everyone. It’s not just tolerable, but you’re also able to taste the shrimp itself.

While a single order can be shared with a group, it’s so delicious that lots of people just get one order for each member of the party. Plenty of people have their own lists regarding the best dishes at Bonefish Grill, but they all list the Bang Bang Shrimp—usually at #1.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon

The grilled salmon here is also quite flavorful, as it’s only been lightly seasoned before it’s set on the wood-fired grill. The salmon taste is also very evident, with the light seasoning accentuating the taste.

You also have several choices of sauces to choose from, including the chimichurri, lemon butter, mango salsa, and the lime tomato garlic sauce. There’s a subtle change to the overall flavor depending on the sauce, so you might want to try all these sauces before you decide on your favorite sauce.

Your salmon order also comes with 2 side dishes. It goes great with the garlic-whipped asparagus and the steamed asparagus. If you’re looking for a gluten-free meal, then the jasmine rice with the seasonal veggies. The grilled Atlantic salmon is gluten-free as well.

Ahi Tuna Sashimi

This is another delicious and also healthy choice. It doesn’t have too many calories, and it also works with a low-sodium diet.

Here they get you premium sushi-grade tune, with that nice sesame crust seared perfectly. The mild flavor of the Ahi Tuna goes nicely with the addition of some pickled ginger and wasabi to the fish. Add a bit of soy sauce, and it’s just about perfect.

Seafood Johnny Cakes

This is just one of the options on the brunch menu, and it’s a great way to start your day. You get roasted shrimp and bay scallops in the Johnny Cakes, then they’re topped with 2 poached eggs and the signature creole sauce. You’re also getting some bacon with this, along with 7 small corn-based pancakes. It’s a veritable feast, but the total is only 730 calories or so.

Once you’ve tried this, you can then try the other breakfast options for your next visit. You can go with the Bang Bang Shrimp Eggs Benedict and a crème brûlée French toast.

Tuna Poke Bowl

There are plenty of different bowl options here, and you might be tempted to try the Tuscan bowl with salmon or the grain bowl with shrimp. But you should really try the Tuna Poke bowl first.

It starts with Jasmine rice, to which they add some cucumbers, red onions, cilantro, peppers, and sesame seeds before adding the raw ahi tuna on top. Each bite gives you an explosion of delicious flavors and crunchy textures.

Cod Imperial

This is the only stuffed fish option that’s regularly listed on the Bonefish Grill menu. They get this tasty cod, and then they stuff it with lump crab, shrimp, parmesan, and mozzarella, and then they top things off with the lemon-caper butter sauce.

It’s also served with 2 premium or signature sides, and it’s great with the bacon macaroni and cheese with your choice of seasonal veggies.

Have fun at Bonefish Grill with these orders!

Trying ALL Of the Most Popular Menu Items at Bonefish Grill

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