The Surprising Truth About Social Media

Social Media

Social media has become a necessary part of our life. Not having an Instagram or Snapchat account seems outcasted. Whether you are a social butterfly or not, you need a social media account. From Facebook to TikTok, we use lots of social media sites to connect with friends. Using SNS, you can make friends from around the world. Social media is a good platform to find people with similar interests. Earlier, social media was just a platform to find friends globally. But now you can find various features that are used for marketing and other purposes.  

Social media usage statistics 

Whenever you click on a good photo, you immediately post it on your Instagram account. On average, every internet user has about 8.6 social media accounts. About 72% of adults use at least one social media account. However, now almost every teenager has a social media account. Modern technology gives us opportunities that didn’t exist ten years ago. Teens and young adults mainly use Snapchat and Instagram. Whereas people aged 50 or more are using Facebook. Today about 3.2 billion photos and 720,000 hours of videos are shared on the SNS every day. Adults spend hours and hours using social media. An adult spends an average of 145 minutes per day on social media. 

Excellent marketing strategies

Social media has become a great platform to market. Many small to big industries are using social media to market their products and services. More than 10 million brands are using Facebook for advertising. Social media can help you to find potential customers easily. Once you know how to use social media for marketing, you can easily market your business yourself. Small company owners promote their businesses on their own. You can easily market your business on social media for free. Even if you want to run ads, they are quite cheaper and can provide good ROI. In a report, 50% of the users are more interested in the brand when they see ads on Instagram. These ads provide more reliability to the business. Whenever the user searches for any related queries, your page will be shown to them. Social media has become the best platform to improve the reliability of the business. 

Good filters and games

Many people also use social media to get better filters. Earlier, people used to install a photo editor for editing. After clicking, they used to edit the photos and then upload them on social media. But not all social media, especially Snapchat offers a wide range of filters. You can apply the filter and then click the photos. You don’t need any different app or Photoshop experience. Social media apps are providing you with everything. You can also find lots of games on SNSs. These games make it more interesting and engaging. People often share Snapchat story games where they ask their friends and followers certain questions. These games increase engagement with their content. 

YouTube is the most engaging platform

More than 25% of total mobile traffic comes from only YouTube. Everyone uses YouTube to stream content. From songs to clips, you can find almost everything on YouTube. Earlier, people used YouTube to stream songs but now you can find everything, from tutorials to game streams. More than 500 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube every minute! Now you can watch live programs, news channels, etc on YouTube. YouTube is different from other SNS but has the most powerful influence on people. The monthly active users of YouTube are more than 2 billion. 

The new craze of TikTok

This app is new in the SNS market but has a great influence. People famous on TikTok are like celebrities. People love watching and sharing content on TikTok as it is a very simple platform. A person spends more than an hour per day on TikTok. You can create 15-second to 50-minute videos on this platform. All popular tracks are available and you can easily lip-sync and dance on their audio. This SNS platform is mainly used by youngsters as about 68% of the users are under 30. Meanwhile, TikTok is banned in a few countries.

Question posts receive more engagement 

If you are new to SNS and want to get good views then you have to learn the strategies. You can use SNS for your business promotion. But you are not the only one using it. To improve visibility on social media, you should create question posts. These posts are more engaging and people eagerly watch the whole video. The top keywords are how, what, which, would, etc. Whenever the person sees any post regarding a question, he watches the whole video. These posts also receive more comments. Better engagement on your posts means better visibility.  

Sharing is caring

People love sharing interesting content especially comic videos with friends. On social media, your post will work better if there are more shares. Small businesses often do SFS where they support each other’s business by sharing their content on stories. It has become a great technique to promote the business on social media.

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