The Super Apes Club – 3D Characters, Staking and the Metaverse

When it comes to the NFT, blockchain metaverse, everyone wants an ape avatar and new boys on the block, the Super Apes Club leading the charge. This group of developers and artists have crafted not just awesome alpha ape NFTs, but a community with real value and real bonds of kinship. 

The Super Apes Club – shortened to SAC, was founded by a team of heavily experienced marketers and developers with apes designed by famed Dragon Ball Z fan artist. Launching this year, SAC has created a platform so popular it’s already attracted 20,000+ followers on Discord alone. In addition, they’ve sold out their collection, allowing them to pursue their vision for the super ape jungle community.

So, you might ask, what is a super ape? According to their website, a super ape is a dark horse who has struggled to pull themselves up from the bottom through many challenges. They’re primal alphas – muscular, powerful super apes with first alpha energy. They’re non-fungible token (NFT) avatars that can be bought and offer actual utility in the new world of NFTs.

Let’s look at a few more details. The Super Apes Club has crafted 2,222 unique, hand-crafted super ape characters with over 300 different accessories. Each randomly-generated avatar lives exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain and was initially minted at a fair price 0.07 ETH. As with all good NFTs, great care has been taken to ensure that each one is owned by the purchaser and them alone. Furthermore, each part of the sale was heavily protected to ensure blockade of bots, gas wars and bad actors.

Is this all SAC is doing? Well, no. The sale, was just the beginning for the Super Apes. They are out to showcase to they world that they are the one ape-kind to rule them all. Now the sale is made – though some are still available via open sea, they can move on to the next, grander stop-offs on their ambitious roadmap. 

Step 1 was the pre-sale, and step 2 was the open sale. Both are done. Now they will move on to step 3, which is creating an enchanted apes collection – a magical half-werewolf and half-super ape collection. Along with its magical traits, each one will be airdropped straight to existing Super Apes Club NFT members. And, these, will be fully game ready, 3D rotating characters – ready for the metaverse.

Step 4 – a market will follow this up. More of an ecosystem than a mere market per se, this will allow members to stake or unstake their NFTs. They’ll earn diamond tokens that can be redeemed for WL spots, upgrades, and more.

However, you need a home if you have a metaverse 3D ape avatar. This is where the jungle comes in – a members-only space for all Super Apes to gather, hang out, and build a true metacommunity. 

Do you have a never say die attitude? Do you want to be part of a new, upcoming NFT metaverse community? If you have what it takes, join the Super Apes Club and find your place in the metaverse jungle.

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