The Sunny Robot Is the Perfect Companion and Assistant for The Whole Family

Have you ever thought about having a robot in your home? Maybe you already have one. Smart appliances, electronics, and gadgets are essentially robots, just specialized. Coffee machines, dishwashers, smart refrigerators, robot vacuums, smart TVs, and Alexa speakers are all part of our everyday environment. Garage doors that open when you arrive and smart home systems are all automation and robotics. But robots are not only in our homes, they have become part of our daily lives. They perform complex medical operations, explore Mars, deliver groceries from the store, make us coffee, clean floors in shopping malls, and are used in agriculture, construction, logistics, and many other industries. Robots make life easier for humans by taking on household responsibilities and routine tasks.

Sunny Is A Robot That Will Help Bring Real Benefits

Robots already live in our homes, helping us with cleaning, childcare and education, information search, and of course, entertaining and amusing us. But can a domestic robot bring even more benefits to humans? Can it combine the skills of an electronics technician, an appliance repair specialist, a work assistant, a gaming partner, and become a helper for the whole family?

Sunny Solutions will exhibit a robotic assistant for the whole family at CES in January 2024.

The Sunny robot has all the technologies for connecting to digital devices: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as Zigbee and Z-wave smart home protocols. It can serve as a universal remote control and control legacy devices using infrared signals. And if there is no way to connect devices wirelessly, you can help Sunny and connect them with a cable. Sunny can connect and control all the appliances and electronics in your home.

Sunny robot has a unique system called Sunny Smart Home that will make your home cozy by adjusting the lights, climate control, and home audio system. If you add sensors, the robot will be able to monitor blind spots, increasing home security. Plus, you’ll be able to easily control the robot and your home with voice commands, gestures, and a mobile app.

You can already pre-order the Sunny robot. Let’s find out what this home gadget can do.

What Do We Know About Sunny?

Sunny is a medium-sized portable device, slightly larger than a MacBook, with excellent sound quality. The company, Sunny Robot, has made every effort to incorporate a maximum amount of useful functionality into the device, making it capable of becoming a home huband an assistant for the whole family.

Smart Home Under Your Control

Once everything is set up, you access the remote control of your entire home. Through the Sunny app, you are always connected to the robot, and the robot is connected to every device.

Now, you don’t have to worry about whether everything is fine at home or how your pets are feeling when they are alone. By connecting to the robot, you can monitor, talk, and even play remotely.

Having such control is especially important when children or elderly relatives are home alone. You can visit them, or vice versa – they can promptly contact you through the robot.

 Entertainment for Children and Adults with Robot

Sunny is a multimedia platform for entertainment. For little ones, Sunny will tell a fairy tale and become your video nanny. For older children, it will show recommended movies without violence and cruelty, as well as select games and entertainment. For adults, Sunny will help choose a movie for the evening, create a cozy atmosphere, and unexpectedly turn off the lights in the whole house while you watch a horror movie. Yes, Sunny is a joker! You will definitely appreciate its mischievous character.

Chatbot technologies combined with the technology of developing a unique character will create a unique behavior pattern specifically for your robot. The more you talk to Sunny, the more involved and socialized it becomes.

 Protection and Safety for Home

You have already equipped your home with sensors for doors and windows, cameras, but most importantly, your home has the robot Sunny. He constantly monitors the situation around him with the help of the built-in camera, as well as through the trusted cameras and sensors in the house. The artificial intelligence and video analysis system can detect attempts to break into your home at the earliest stage. It can also act as an intercom so you can communicate with visitors.

By activating the security mode, you can assign Sunny any triggers for protection. Sunny can even call the police if you don’t respond to a warning about a breach of your home perimeter. And to eliminate false alarms, with your prior consent, video from the surveillance cameras will be transmitted to the emergency center of Sunny operators. The operators will call the police on your behalf and ensure their arrival.

One of the main purposes of Sunny is to help set up and fix your devices, to assist in various tasks. Sunny’s capabilities expand with the involvement of Sunny band operators. Operators are skilled specialists who assist Sunny in solving tasks that he cannot handle independently. They connect to robot control upon the user’s request. The robot acts as an avatar for the operator, providing the ability to direct, show, and tell the user about the necessary actions. Sunny may not be able to fix a faucet on his own, but by connecting an operator, he can help you do it.

These are just a few features that Sunny robot has. There are many reasons to purchase this gadget.

Are you ready to let the robot into your home? Give it the opportunity to become your assistant. To take care of the comfort and safety of your home. To become a friend for the whole family.


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