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The Succies Are Taking Social Media By Storm – Meet Succulenty’s Cute Mascots!

Are you one of the thousands of people who live in cities these days? Then you certainly aren’t alone!

City living has become more commonplace over the last few years, and more people than ever before are living in apartments with no access to gardens or outdoor spaces. All over the globe, people are living without the benefits of greenery in sad, stuffy homes without even a blade of grass in sight.  And you’re probably one of them!

Yet, there’s an easy solution that can bring the wonder of nature within reach of everyone, no matter where they live, and it’s a solution that David Fleurant and Dev Chakravarti are dedicated to promoting through their brand, Succulenty. 

So, What Is Succulenty All About?

Succulenty is a new brand that was established during the height of the Covid pandemic by two friends and businessmen, David and Dev. The original concept behind the company came from David, who was so tired of looking at his dull and uninspiring home during lockdown that he turned to the internet in the hope of finding out more about houseplants and how to grow them. 

His research led him into the positive and joyful world of succulent lovers, and he soon became caught up in the excitement of this thriving, plant-loving community. 

Are you asking what succulents are right now? Well, that’s what David was doing too the first time he heard of them!

Succulents are a specific variety of plants that can thrive in virtually every environment. They require very little maintenance to survive, and with minimal effort from their owners, they can continue to grow for years, adding a beautiful touch of nature to any home. Even better, succulents offer a range of health benefits that make them an even more valuable addition to houses and apartments around the globe. 

Succulents can effectively remove toxins from the air inside our homes and, thus improve air quality thanks to the pores on their leaves. They also release moisture through their leaves to humidify the air, stopping it from becoming too dry and causing dry skin and sore throats, and unlike most other plants, they release oxygen at night instead of carbon dioxide, thus promoting more restful sleep. 

Even more interestingly, succulents can treat medical issues such as stomach aches, burns and cuts. Many of them have beneficial medical properties. For example, aloe vera can reduce inflammation and treat eczema, while yucca can treat scratches and cuts and reduce joint pain. 

Not only can keep a succulent in your home make you feel happier and more positive, but it can also boost focus and productivity, and as caring for plants can reduce stress, having succulents at home can reduce blood pressure and help you stay calm.

Yes, they really are as unusual as they sound!

As David carried out his research into these unusual yet surprisingly low-maintenance plants, he began to realise just how impressive they truly are, and he decided that he wanted to raise awareness of their many benefits. He immediately talked about his vision with his friend, Dev, who also rapidly recognised the potential that this plant variety could hold. The pair nurtured their ideas and, after some discussion and planning, the seeds that would grow into Succulenty were sown, at just the moment when the world was most in need of it. 

Succulenty wouldn’t just be a commercial business, selling succulent-related products and accessories. It would be a true community – a hub where succulent-lovers could come to share their tips and advice, and where those who were currently unfamiliar with the “Succuverse” could get the information that they needed, and be educated about the benefits these plants could bring. It would also be the perfect place to buy essential succulent paraphernalia and high-quality plants – something that the brand decided to achieve by working closely with local nurseries. 

In today’s post-pandemic world, after spending so long in lockdown and isolation, people are more acutely aware than ever before of how their home environment can have a direct impact on every element of their lives from relationships and work to mental and emotional well-being. Succulenty’s mission to bring a touch of greenery and nature into every home couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. After all, if there was one thing we could all have done with more of during the Covid lockdowns it was a happier, healthier living space!

Who Are The Succies?

We began this article by mentioning the Succies, but these characters have yet to make an appearance. But now, the moment has come for Succulenty’s mascots to make their entrance. 

So…who are they?

Dev decided that the best way to communicate the ideas behind Succulenty would be to create visually engaging characters that could really bring the brand to life. The Succies were the result, taking their inspiration from childhood nostalgia, and taking the forms of characters that truly resonate with those that see them. After all, who doesn’t love a cute mascot?

The three mascots are succulent friends, called Eve, Reah and Brie. Each of the sisters has her own unique appearance and her own special powers to help humans. 

Reah is the first of the Succies – bright-eyed, and beautiful, with true green fingers. She had enjoyed life in the great outdoors until she came to the realisation that her real purpose lay inside peoples’ homes. She now uses her special power – her ability to fill the air with moisture – to help cure humans’ sore throats, skin problems and colds. 

Eve, the second Succie, thrives in home offices and libraries since her unique power involves her capacity to enhance memory and improve focus. She likes to show other people how to make a beautiful succulent garden and how to arrange plants in the best possible way.

Finally, there’s Brie, the third Succie friend, who is relaxed and chilled out – not too surprising, since her unique power is to calm down the mind. Unlike her friends, she works at night, releasing oxygen as humans sleep, something that makes her stand apart from other plants which carry out releasing carbon dioxide during the night. Her mission is to improve the air inside humans’ homes, and so to promote easier breathing in order to relax the mind and reduce stress. 

With these three characters, Succulenty has begun to change the landscape of houseplant ownership as the community has rapidly embraced the Succies and their message of health and well-being. 

Taking The Internet By Storm

Succulenty is changing the face of the industry and has already won the hearts of its 400,000 plus Instagram followers thanks to the delightful Succie characters. The brand has also managed to gather together a highly active community of both real-world and online clients who are loyal to the company and who are keen to see it succeed. 

As for David and Dev, they have been overwhelmed by the amount of feedback, messages, and suggestions they have received from the Succulenty community in such a short space of time, and they use those comments and ideas to position and shape their brand for future greatness. They’re considering minting NFTs and creating a metaverse for the characters currently. 

As Succulenty and the Succies take social media by storm, the brand’s mission remains firm – to find people who are worried about the commitment and effort that caring for houseplants can bring, and to show them how simple, wonderful and essential it is to care for succulents. As far as missions go – that’s a pretty fun one!

Succulenty’s plan for the future is to become the go-to resource for everything relating to succulents, and to create a therapeutic, safe, and engaging space where people worldwide can come together and share their passion and enthusiasm for these wonderful plants. And, of course, David and Dev are also eager for the Succies to become household names, and for the characters to unite the space as one. We mean, who wouldn’t want to meet the Succies?

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