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The Success of Hollywood Smile at Lema Dental Clinic

From England to Istanbul: The Journey of a Gorgeous Lady’s Smile Transformation at Our Dental Clinic

Lema Dental Clinic has earned an international reputation in the field of aesthetic dentistry. It continues to develop itself constantly with innovative techniques and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Especially recognized for its mastery in the Hollywood Smile Turkey application, Lema Dental Clinic offers its patients not just an aesthetic smile, but also health and personal confidence through its advanced technologies and team of expert physicians. This success story has made the clinic popular not only locally, but also internationally.

Onur Akkılıç and Polen Akkılıç are the Founders of Lema Dental Clinic.

Lema Clinic Attracts International Attention

The high-quality services and successful outcomes provided by Lema Dental Clinic have drawn considerable attention from individuals worldwide. Lema Clinic, offering treatment and hygiene conditions at international standards, is progressing towards becoming a global health brand.

The pioneering treatment methods and patient-centered approach of Lema Clinic have been crowned with various national and international awards. It has also achieved significant success in dental implant treatments. These awards highlight the clinic’s emphasis on patient satisfaction and treatment quality. Lema Clinic is breaking new ground in the field of dentistry with its increasing successes and innovative treatment methods.

For Lema Dental Clinic, the year 2023 has been marked not only by recognition through valuable awards but also by raising the bar in service and treatment quality. Each award and accolade has become a part of Lema Clinic’s mission to extend its contribution to dental health worldwide. This visionary approach has been decisive in winning the “Best Clinic in Europe” awards consecutively in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Therefore, Lema Clinic is determined to continue being a pioneer in industry innovations and to maintain its excellence in health services in 2024 and beyond.

Lema Clinic and Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood Smile is known as a popular application in aesthetic dentistry, and Lema Clinic stands out as one of the leading institutions at the international level in this field. This treatment method completely reshapes patients’ smiles, giving them a natural and striking aesthetic. Lema Clinic develops personalized treatment plans suited to each patient’s facial shape and aesthetic expectations, enabling each individual to achieve their dream smile.

Lema Dental Clinic not only provides dental treatments but also turns the stay of its patients in Turkey into an unforgettable experience. The Dental Clinic considers all the needs of its patients, from hotel to transportation, making the treatment process comfortable and worry-free. Smile design is one of the most sought-after applications in aesthetic dentistry, and Hollywood Smile is a prominent concept in this area. Hollywood Smile is a procedure not just for celebrities, but for anyone unsatisfied with their smile aesthetics. Lema Clinic offers personalized treatment methods in this expertise-required field, aligning with patients’ expectations and needs.

The primary aim of the Hollywood Smile procedure is to provide a natural and aesthetic smile that suits the patient’s facial structure and smile lines. This process involves several factors, including the color, shape, and alignment of the teeth. Initially, the patient’s oral health is thoroughly evaluated. If there are issues like cavities or gum disease, these health problems are treated. Then, the focus shifts to the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

In the Hollywood Smile application, porcelain veneers or laminates are commonly used. These thin coverings are applied to the front surface of the teeth, making them look more aligned and whiter. Color discrepancies, minor misalignments, or small fractures in the teeth can be easily corrected with this method. Additionally, post-procedure care and hygiene are of great importance. Patients need to pay attention to regular dental check-ups and oral care to maintain the health and aesthetics of their teeth in the long term.

Lema Dental Clinic, in addition to Hollywood Smile, adopts a leading service approach in many areas, such as 100% Digital smile design, dental implant treatment, and teeth whitening. Recognizing that each patient has a unique story and needs, it develops personalized treatment plans. This individual approach makes patients feel more special and valued.

Lema Dental Clinic offers its patients the latest technologies used in the field of dentistry. Innovative methods like 3D imaging systems, laser applications, and 100% digital smile design, make treatment processes more effective. These technological investments enhance the clinic’s treatment quality, ensuring that patient comfort and needs are at the forefront.

Lema Clinic Offers a New Dimension in Health Tourism

Hosting its patients with 5-star hotel accommodations, Lema Clinic prioritizes luxury and comfort. Patients can travel comfortably and quickly between the dental clinic and hotel using VIP vehicles. This provides great comfort to individuals, especially during the rest period after treatment.

Language barriers can be a significant obstacle in health services. Therefore, Lema Clinic’s team of personal interpreters, fluent in native languages, offers a great advantage for patients who speak different languages.

These services make an invaluable contribution to health tourism. By offering a patient-focused, comfortable, and barrier-free treatment experience, Lema Clinic raises the standards in the industry and becomes a significant factor in patients’ choices.

Lema Dental Clinic, with its focus on patient satisfaction and state-of-the-art treatment methods, is ready to leave a bright impact on your smiles.

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