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The Strategies You Should Remember While Finding the Best Property Manager 

Property Manager

The rental property is your livelihood. Therefore, you need to take extra measurements to ensure you’re hiring the best property manager to handle your rental property.

However, many rental property owners don’t know the importance or how to find the best property manager to oversee it. Failing to do so or contacting inexperienced property managers will lead to lost rent and increased vacancies.

You don’t rent your property without talking with the tenant first. However, you should implement the same thorough process while choosing a property manager. Here are some great strategies to find the best property manager.

Research the Property Managers Online 

This is one of the best strategies to know while finding a property manager for your rental asset. You can find almost everything on the internet. Therefore, researching online will help you determine the effectiveness and professionalism of various property managers. Apart from knowing more details about the property managers you’re considering, you can also find some new names. This will help you boost your options. Once you get a few names, make sure you check their website and mission statements.

Some various websites and articles will provide you with property management companies in California. However, if you’re planning to contact property managers based in California, you should consider Santa Rosa. Due to the accessibility, the Santa Rosa property management companies will always help you with your rental property. As Santa Rosa is one of the most famous Californian cities, your rental property won’t be vacant most of the time.

Interview Several Managers 

If you want to find the best property manager, you need to interview several managers so that you can shortlist your options easily. While interviewing or contacting the property managers, make sure you remember these three primary questioning categories:

  • Their fee structure.
  • Education and experience, including an understanding of federal tenant/landlord law and local law.
  • Their services and the process of maintaining the properties and collecting the rent.

You also need to find out how they manage other properties and how much time they will provide to your rental property. If the property management company is small, they might fail to manage your property effectively.

Check Certifications and Licenses 

This is one of the most important things you should remember while choosing the best property manager. Most states have a rule that requires the property management companies to have a property management license or real estate broker’s license. As per Investopedia, real estate broker’s license is important. Hence, don’t forget to check the Real Estate Commission of your state to determine if the license of the company is valid.

You also need to ensure of the property manager has trade organization certification. You need to use the internet to verify some essential credentials:

  • NAA
  • IREM
  • CAI

These organizations offer certification only after the property manager completes a tough training session. This is the best way to determine their level of commitment. Make sure you trust your instincts. Just because a property manager showcases their effectiveness doesn’t mean they will handle your rental property effectively.


These are the top 3 strategies you should remember to find the best property manager for your rental property. Make sure you always choose the best manager to leverage the benefits of your rental property.


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