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The Story of Moshe Oz IDF Special Force Vet Turned International Businessman

Moshe Oz the founder of ardix

Moshe Oz is an international entrepreneur with a big size business network. He grew up in Beer Sheva. He is an ambitious person to go upward with fame. This vet-tuned businessman has had a link with Israelite defense. Before becoming a seller of weapons/security systems, he participated in defense pilot project implementation. He worked with the military for decades. This solid military background gave him a chance to promote sophisticated civilian protection systems in Israel. 

Moshe Oz did a great job designing and upgrading IAF courses in the military. Later, the complete project was handed over to special intelligence and operational units of Israel. This emotional connection with the defense was not ended. He began his protection equipment business to become a superior business magnet.

 He passed 20 years in national intelligence and security communities to have more knowledge. As a marketer, he used his marketing strategies how to provide the best lightweight weapons to develop the defense system. 

Being a founder of Ardix, he is deeply associated and involved with field hospitals and general public security equipment upgrades. Ardix has appeared as a global competitor with its high-quality security systems. Keeping in touch with modern advancement, Ardix has brought Shock Brake System used for increasing bullet resistance power. The entry of Ardix in the protection and medical equipment market is a turning point.

Operating theater of Ardix founded by Moshe Oz

Ardix operation theater

Moshe Oz is considered to be a role model to guide other entrepreneurs with a previous military background. He has emerged as a powerful international business magnet who worked with defense for over 20 years. Gathering experience and knowledge from his association with defense, it is not easy to utilize this skill in business branding/ product selling. 

He has many special skills to nurture. When he decided to serve the nation as a military sleuth, he did not think of backtracking home in fear. This maverick gentleman designed several top pilot projects for the national intelligence squad. Later, all his contributions were accepted and honored by the higher authority. 

Time and tide never stop running. He is a forerunner to move ahead boldly. His indefatigable effort helped him to have a lead over other rivals. 

Moshe Oz told media personnel and TV crews that he chose the profession of security equipment marketing with consciousness. He is military personnel turned entrepreneur. This multi-skilled gentleman has the superb quality to lead Ardix, his new company. Right now, he is stuck to a bundle of futuristic assignments to produce advanced self-defense systems and weapons. His latest Shock Break System has awesome bullet resistance power by 60 percent. 

According to various top News agencies, Moshe Oz is another luminary who has come from a military background. Like him, there are a handful of top personalities who joined the military and later became businessmen. For example, Asaf Rapaport, the creator of WIZ was previously seen handling several projects related to defense. 

His strong entrepreneurial expertise and cognitive drive made him unbeaten to fulfill his dream. 

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