The Source of Striking Potential: Interview with CEO of SuperBid

With NFTs being the growing influencer trend, the increasing number of marketers are striving to capture and convey the value of their offerings through unique, non-reproducible data bundles – a new form of information storage developed under the umbrella of DeFi, the massive industry that is currently slightly short of $100 billion, all owing to its adherence to the principles of decentralization and mutual network reliance. Now, proliferating the media space, NFTs seeks to reach a new apogee thanks to the involvement of such massively celebrated figures as Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Logan Paul – to mention only a few

While seeking to gain a deeper insight into this growing trend, I approached Patrick Gajda, the СЕО of SuperBid – a platform that captures the celebrity moments with the help of Non-Fungible tokens, the carriers of unique and non-interchangeable units of data. Together, we discussed the rising popularity of NFTs, and the way SuperBid contributes to that. 

What helped NFTs to achieve tremendous success among celebrities?

Technology, first and foremost, is behind the incredible success of NFT among celebrities. In the 20th century, interaction between fans and artists was nearly impossible. In order to get an autograph, people had to write letters to their idols before they could go to concerts. Fans and idols today have many more options for communication and other activities online. NFTs can offer new ways for celebrities to communicate. Because digital items are now valued by new generations as much as physical, and because COVID-19 fanatics had to learn to use virtual events, it’s not surprising that they are so passionate about NFTs. 

What is the ultimate mission of SuperBid? And why do you believe in NFTs?

The main mission of Superbid is to blur the boundaries between known and unknown people. The fan must be able to interact with the person he or she has always observed, in this way we can offer an unforgettable experience to every user. Creating a platform where social media and marketplace cross together and create an experience for real people who want to experience more by interacting with players, athletes, celebrities, celebrities. We believe that NFT is the perfect addition to close and seal the experience, item or moment. Saving a winning auction on the blockchain will ensure that only the person who won it will be able to relive that moment again. 

How does SuperBid manage to turn the moments with celebrities into the monetary value reflected by NFT?

Each of the moments shared by our ambassadors are special and unique. The way we monetise it is extremely simple. The auction you see here is only a fragment of NFT, you will get the whole thing when you win the auction. In this way, only the owner of the NFT is able to see the moment and keep it for himself. Using this mechanism, fans will be determined to own all the content. Additionally, influencers will add items + experiences to their moments.  

What makes SuperBid distinct from other NFT marketplaces inflowing the space?

SuperBid, a social-auction app, allows creators and influencers connect with their fans. SuperBid uses blockchain technology to power its NFT marketplace, where celebrities can sell items, NFTs and unique experiences to their followers. SuperBid Tokens allow users to make purchases and bid on content. SuperBid was founded to capitalize on digital auctions and combine that with social media. It is the first marketplace that allows celebrities and NFTs to be immortalized on the blockchain. SuperBid also allows users and creators build profiles and get real-life moments with real people. This adds real value to the NFT market.

Would you be able to break down the tokenomics of SuperBid, your native asset?

SuperBid token can be used directly in the app and is presented to users as Diamonds, an in-app currency. The app will allow you to convert 1 SuperBid token into at least 100 Diamonds. Diamonds are the only way to bid in auctions on our app. They can be purchased with a credit card (for mainstream users) or converted from SuperBid token into Diamonds (for crypto-users). SuperBid will be burned if it is deposited in our app and converted into Diamonds. Additionally, 2.5% of non-SuperBid Diamonds purchased will be used for the purchase of SuperBid tokens. These tokens can then be burned. These two functions introduce a deflationary mechanism into the system.

Implementation of diamonds will enable mainstream users to participate in auctions, without having to interact with any crypto market or any centralised or decentralised exchanges. SuperBid is the only NFT platform that removes this barrier. 

In your opinion, what is the best place on the internet to acquire $SUPERBID token?

SuperBid was the first NFT project that uses four different blockchains. This allows the project to scale quicker and can be adapted to any market. SuperBid can be found on decentralized ETH and BSC exchanges, as well as Harmony exchanges like Uniswap.

SuperBid can also be found on Centralised exchanges such as WhiteBit or HitBTC 

I’m highly intrigued to find out how $SUPERBID and NFT are interlinked with each other. Could you explain that?

The $SUPERBID token, which is used within the app, is presented to users as an in-app currency called Diamonds. This is how we aim to improve user experience, appeal directly to the mainstream public, and make it easy to integrate with payment processors to purchase NFT. 

If you were to build a future price prediction for $SUPERBID, what would it look like?

Unfortunately, we do not give financial advice. We build applications for people, the price is only the result of it.

How far are you planning to take $SUPERBID token in terms of exchange listing?

We are now solely focused on appearing on several top centralised exchanges (tier 1-2), next on the list is We are currently on four DEXes.  

How do you see the future of the industry unfolding – what’s next on the NFT horizon?

I hope you’re starting to see how NFTs can be used for more than just collectibles. Nonetheless, the options are limitless. Over time, more use-cases will emerge. I wouldn’t be surprised if real estate is sold in the future using NFT certificates (think about getting 5 percent of the sale every time your home is sold). All intellectual property will be wrapped in an NFT within ten years. That is my forecast.

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