The SONU Sleep System, Soon To Be Available in Retailers

Los Angeles, California – Expecting to hit retailers throughout 2023, The SONU Sleep System is the latest innovation when it comes to sleeping. This newly designed mattress is “the world’s first mattress designed for side sleepers.” SONU Sleep has only had this product available online for less than a year, but because of popular demand they’ve announced that The SONU Sleep System will soon be available in retail stores across the country.

Co-founders Bradley Hall and Stason Strong designed the SONU as the result of significant research and development for side sleepers. The product was specifically created by the team for people who prefer to sleep on their sides, and it is intended to be dramatically more comfortable than any conventional mattresses.

According to sleep studies, the traditional flat mattress is overdue for an update, as it does not provide the proper support or space that the body needs. The flat design cannot contour to the natural curves and lines of the body, which can cause pressure points and leave areas unsupported. The team at SONU has developed this product to allow customers who prefer to sleep on their side a way to enjoy the benefits of not needing to roll-over to relieve pressure on their arms and shoulders constantly. The goal for the customer is that the use of this unique product will result in sound sleep throughout the night.  

The SONU is designed to allow the users’ arms to rest naturally where they’re meant to, within the patented Comfort Channel, exclusive to the product. Additionally, the Support Pillow system molds to each sleeper’s desired position, greatly reducing pressures that are unavoidable with other mattresses. This innovation in sleep is currently only found at, but is expected to hit stores increasingly throughout the year. 

“The world has been sleeping on flat beds for centuries,” explains Strong, “but the human body is not flat… It is now time for a change”. He and Hall had this idea in mind while developing the product made for side sleepers everywhere. The mattress works to support the human body, adapting and shaping to relieve pressure on the body where needed each night, including the hips and shoulders. 

By allowing the spine to align properly, SONU’s design has been shown to relieve the pain that comes with side sleeping on a traditional mattress. It also works to improve breathing, while reducing snoring and fatigue by enabling its users to sleep through the night on their sides, helping to keep otherwise restricted airways open.

“At SONU Sleep, the voice of our customers is critical to our success,” Hall explains. “We approach the feedback of our customers with the utmost attention as we design new models and accessories.” As SONU’s mattress for side sleepers hits retailers in 2023, the company aims to continuously develop new, innovative sleep solutions. 

SONU Sleep is a company that works in the mattress industry and has recently announced the launch of “the world’s first mattress designed for side sleepers.” This online product will now be hitting retailers in 2023. For more information about this product and the rest of the work being done at SONU, visit their website, 

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