The Smart Reality Platform’s Leadership Team

Smart Reality has been able to find a way to incorporate the unique features of the blockchain technology and smart contracts into real estate transactions. But this has only been made possible by unique and intellectuals like:

  • Ernie Wong; an investor in real estates and cryptocurrencies, as well as a consultant of the financial sector. He is a member of the senior management at Smart Reality.
  • Fares Akel; a smart developer and a professional developing expert with outstanding years of experience building cryptocurrency projects and Smart contracts.
  • Val Kleyman; a member of the senior management at Smart Reality, and an investor in cryptocurrencies and real estate. He has expertise in sales and marketing and has vast experience as an entrepreneur, partner, Developer, and lender.
  • Lindsay Burleson; a contract law consultant, and an attorney specialized in cryptocurrencies, business, and real estate.
  • Tyler Sandford; in charge of community outreach, and has over 7 years of experience playing major roles in marketing and sales of accomplished startups. He has a successful track record of using this vast experience in various applications associated with ICOs and the blockchain technology.
  • Filip Poutintsev; an ICO and marketing consultant, with vast experience in businesses. He is also an entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast.
  • Jared Polites; a PR Advisor and specialist in growth and product marketing, with in-depth experience implementing market strategies for projects in their early stage. Over the years, he has actively raised over $100 million working on approximately 20 ICOs.
  • Matthew Murphy; a real estate consultant and the Global Vice President at Renren, where he is in primary control of their venture capital efforts and real estate tech in the United States. He is the former co-founder of, which is one of the first ever bitcoin wallets to feature in Digital Gold, a best seller book. Matthew went on to sell, and became an established marketer at Silicon Valley where he helped in building companies like, Chegg, and E*TRADE.

To censure the further development and growth of the Smart Reality platform, the company has partnered with organizations like:

  • ICOLaunchr; a company that deals with the development and guidance of ICOs, and assists companies in navigating the complex processes involved in the launch of ICOs.
  • CryptoConsultants; an established PR and marketing firm that specializes in projects and services associated with cryptocurrencies.


The main goal of the Smart Reality platform is to use the blockchain technology in streamlining the world of real estate and to enable people to efficiently and securely exchange money and data. This eliminates the middleman, reduces the risk of theft and fraud, and makes information more accessible.

All of this can only be achieved by putting together a team of individuals with a common goal, and vast years of experience in different fields. With a team made up of people like Ernie Wong, Fares Akel, Val Kleyman, Lindsay Burleson, Tyler Sanford, Filip Poutintsev, Jared Polites, and Matthew Murphy, the Smart Reality Platform is definitely fulfilling its promise.

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