The Shift toward Electrification

It has been a record-setting year for temperature extremes, with a polar vortex hitting Texas in February and heat domes hovering over the country. Currently, the world is facing the most vulnerable state due to adverse climatic changes. Extreme weather conditions cause an uplift in the heating and cooling system demands of society. 

Besides climatic pollution, over a hundred million residential buildings burn fossil fuels for heating and cooking purposes. This has contributed to 13% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. In addition, this rate is expected to increase with expanding industrialization and new construction projects. 

Today, many organizations are taking drastic measures to reduce emissions from buildings while improving home efficiency, cutting bills, and creating hundreds of new jobs. This is a true win-win situation for both the environment and the economy. 


Electrification is the means of replacing technologies that use fossil fuels with technologies that use electricity as their energy source. This is also the most viable solution to curtail climate-threatening greenhouse emissions and eliminate harmful indoor air pollutants without compromising comfort. 

With the same incentive, Lawrence Ray Waters, born in Vallejo, California, on November 21, 1963, contributed significantly to the world of electrification. Waters has spent the first ten years of his career in industrial and commercial systems, including Chiller’s boilers’ large package equipment built-up systems. In 2011, he concentrated on high-performance methodologies as a BPI-certified (building performance Institute) building analyst. 

In 2014, Waters converted a house from gas to all-electric, utilizing a small, high-performance design system. The system worked so well that from that point onward, he started designing, installing, and selling high-performance heat pump systems and installed around 400 systems in the bay area of California. 

In 2020, Larry started his own business, named “Electrify My Home,” to concentrate solely on installing electric gas convertors. With his company’s range of highly efficient equipment, he changed everything for the trading industry. Today, his business is operated through virtual appointments with a completely carbon-free approach. Waters’ electrification business made $1 million in the first six months and $2.5 million in the following years. 

 Waters has 35 years’ experience of working in HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technology systems and is recognized as a residential HVAC contractor. While serving there, he used to install air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters and improved the performance of home appliances through insulation and air sealing upgrades. Electrify My Home aims to support the electrification process and to easily provide consumers with a vast range of electrified home appliances. The company offers an all-electric home comfort system by applying proper load calculations to its heating and cooling equipment. 

This success made Waters a notable speaker in the world of electrification. Electrify My Home now trains other HVAC companies and enables them to understand the nuances of home electrification with high performance. The company also provides training to multiple utilities within California, and their efforts have made several HVAC companies no longer offer gas appliance options. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, his business was being operated through an online portal. Having 35 years of experience in HVAC, he is also the only contractor on the board of the Building De-carbonization Coalition.

Waters always believed that proven technologies like all-electric heat pumps, providing both heating and cooling facilities, as well as electric dryers and induction stoves, are much more efficient than fossil-fuel-based alternatives. It saves consumers money and is easily available in markets. 

Recently, Waters attended the Fully Charged USA conference as a guest speaker. He also spoke at an electric car and electric home show, supported by the U.K. company. His speech was a great success after which he has been invited back to guest host the show in 2023. 

Waters’ professionalism has left a great mark on the electrification industry. His restless efforts have made him competent in bringing comfort to residential homes with cost-effective appliances and high-performance services. 

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