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The Secrets to Juan Monteverde’s Success

Juan Monteverde

A Founding Partner of the class action law firm Monteverde and Associates, Juan Monteverde routinely spearheads high-profile merger cases with a concerted focus on maximizing shareholder value. As a result of these efforts, he has not only recovered significant damages for his clients but engendered important improvements in merger transactions while doing so.

 Juan Monteverde: Experienced Advocate for Shareholder Rights

When asked to identify the source of his success over the course of his remarkable career, Juan Monteverde responded with the following basic tips:

  • “Always leave your prior employers on good terms. You never know when they will have opportunities for you.”
  • “Don’t go home until you are done with all your work. It can’t be understated how important it is getting your work done and in a timely manner.”
  • “Watch what’s happening on the Internet, you’ll never run out of business ideas. You can also find and attract clients very easily on the Internet today.”
  • “Experience can be the compass that tells you where to direct your efforts. Time and energy are limited and when they’re utilized in a manner that’s less than ideal, your work can suffer.”

Juan Monteverde also stresses the importance of learning to write properly and testing out career paths before committing to them. While these guidelines can provide a solid foundation for superior achievement in any number of professional fields and business sectors, they have propelled Juan Monteverde down a very particular path in the worlds of class action law and shareholder protection.

The Road to Founding Partner

Juan Monteverde secured a Bachelor of Science in Finance at the California State University of Northridge before attending law school at St. Thomas University. He was quite active at St. Thomas, serving as Staff Editor of the St. Thomas Law Review as well as President of the Plead the 5th (the official newspaper of the St. Thomas University School of Law). He also tutored his fellow law students in ethics, property, and constitutional law.

After earning his Juris Doctor from St. Thomas University cum laude, Juan Monteverde gained invaluable professional experience working on complex, high-profile, civil litigation cases as an associate with the law firms of Diaz Reus, Levi & Korsinsky, and Smith Mazure Director Wilkins Young & Yagerman.

From 2010 to 2016, Juan Monteverde served as Partner and Chair of the Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Department of the national class action litigation law firm Faruqi & Faruqi. His achievements over these years included serving as co-lead counsel in a $70 million post-close settlement in a case involving the Jefferies Group as well as a $10.7 million post-close cash settlement in a case involving Orchard Enterprises.

Defending Shareholder Rights through Monteverde & Associates

After parting ways with Faruqi & Faruqi, Juan Monteverde established a private practice with a focus on M&A litigation and securities class actions. From its head offices in New York City, Monteverde & Associates has been defending shareholders and consumers alike from corporate malfeasance for more than five years.

Over this period of time, Monteverde & Associates has developed an outstanding reputation for litigative success, championing in cases that have endured multiple appeals to higher courts including the highest court in the nation, the US Supreme Court. Thinking back upon his most satisfying career accomplishment, Juan Monteverde singles out the moment that Monteverde & Associates made the list of the top 50 class action securities firms in the country. This was when the firm’s success became truly manifest, as it secured a prominent place on the national stage.

Some of Monteverde & Associates’ most recent successes under Juan Monteverde’s leadership include the US Geothermal buyout case of Riche v. Pappas and shareholder litigation involving Hansen Medical, Clubcorp Holdings, and American Capital. All of these cases resulted in multi-million-dollar cash settlements for Monteverde clients.

The Legacy of Juan Monteverde and Monteverde & Associates

Juan Monteverde has significantly shaped the legal landscape through his work at Monteverde & Associates. He has also informed and inspired his fellow legal professionals by sharing his written insights through publications such as “Fair To Whom? Examining Delaware’s Fair Summary Standard,” “A Review of Trados and Its Impact,” and “Emerging Trends in Say-on-Pay Disclosure.”

One of the current trends that holds tremendous promise for Juan Monteverde is the innovative evocation of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Known simply as “the Exchange Act,” this piece of legislation regulates securities transactions in the secondary market.

Monteverde & Associates has positioned itself on the cutting edge of shaping US corporate law by redefining how the Exchange Act affects M&A cases. In short, the firm is leveraging the power of this legislation to recovering funds for company shareholders after they have been shortchanged in a merger transaction. For his part, Juan Monteverde calls this work “very rewarding.”

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