The Secret to Owning the Latest Gadgets – Even What You Can’t Afford!


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about having those gadgets you really want but can’t afford? If you are like most of us, you are probably thinking about applying for all those payment plans that let you pay a certain amount each month even when you don’t have a credit card. Or maybe you are thinking that putting them on a credit card would work because you would only need to make minimum payments for a year or two until that latest, hi-tech gadget was paid in full.

Actually, those are the worst things you can do for several reasons, the first being you could have bought two of those gadgets once you add up the interest accrued over time. Secondly, by the time that gadget was paid off, several new generations have hit the market. Now you want those gadgets, and the cycle starts all over again. Hold that thought for just a moment so that you can learn how to have each new generation as they are unveiled. It really is possible without paying all that interest on loans!

The Secret was FINALLY Revealed!

There is one way to get those gadgets you’ve been hankering for but couldn’t afford. Have you considered checking out a site like plug, powering better tech, which carries a full line of digital gadgets, even the latest generations, in pre-owned certified condition? Take, for example, the iPhone 13 released just shortly before the iPhone 14. This particular generation actually has two cameras on the back, 12 MP cameras at that!

The Government Has Your Back

These are iPhones that have been completely restored to factory condition and certified to be in the same state as new mobile phones off the shelves at your local retailer. They come with the same guarantees and warranties you would expect with brand new phones, and they have been certified so that there are legal requirements that must be met prior to releasing them for resale. You should also know that Apple goes above and beyond the certification requirements other brands use. When recertifying an iPhone, Apple gives them an entirely new IMEI number which, in effect, really does make it a brand new phone living up to Apple’s reputation for excellence and integrity.

What You Can Do with That Money You Saved

Now we get to the really great part about buying pre-owned gadgets. Can you remember the last time you paid a four digit number for that latest smart phone that you just had to have? Unfortunately, the cost was so high that you couldn’t get those ergonomic wireless earbuds or the selfie arm extender or that shock protective case you also just had to have – but couldn’t. There wasn’t enough money left to even buy a coffee at the local Starbucks while you played with your phone on their internet.

Buying pre owned but certified gadgets offers you a way to use the money you saved for all those accessories you also just have to have. So then, maybe you ‘can’ afford the gadget but not the accessories, but what good is a gadget without its accessories and toys? Now you don’t have to sacrifice either because we’ve told you the secret. (It’s up to you whether you want to share it, but we’d get those gadgets first before they sell out! Completely up to you.).

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