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The Secret to Instagram Growth: Proven Strategies By Followerbeast

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media applications. With over 2 Billion active users, its popularity continues for a while. Considering its crowded environment, it can get overwhelming for new users to create their mark on the platform.

However, you can build global recognition by understanding the Instagram’s algorithm. With the right strategy, your Instagram account can grow faster than ever. Here’s how!

5 Tips To Grow Instagram Account Fast

Whether it’s an individual or a brand’s Instagram account, we have listed the 5 most effective tips you can follow and implement to grow faster.

1.Profile Optimization

Profile optimization is the first thing you need to do to stand out from the crowd. Many new users need to understand the importance of a good profile, so don’t make this mistake. 

The Instagram profile optimization includes:

  1. Your Instagram profile picture.
  2. Use a name that’s search friendly. For a brand’s account, use its actual name.
  3. Slogan and tagline. If it’s a brand profile, use a branded hashtag.
  4. A bio link is also very important as it can lead users where you want them to

2.The Right Hashtag

For an Instagram user, it is highly recommended to get familiar with hashtags. The right tags can help you reach the maximum potential audience on the social media platform. They also allow people to find you when they look for specific content.

If you use a brand’s Instagram, a broader hashtag like #fashion or #style while posting can increase its reach. But don’t overstuff hashtags on your post, as it does not look very appealing.

Using Geotags while posting a picture can also boost your local discovery. Whether it’s a restaurant you are dining in or a city you are travelling to, geotags can be a great way to level up your profile.

3.Keep An Eye On the Competition

For a business or brand’s account, you can use hashtags to find competitors ranking for the same products or services as yours.

Besides using hashtags that work for your competitor, engaging with their followers is an excellent way to grow your Instagram account. Your competitor’s followers are also your potential followers. 

Several practices can help you boost your account’s engagement. Here is how to connect with the competition’s followers:

  1. You can follow competitor’s followers
  2. Like or comment on their pictures.

Following these methods will allow users to notice your profile. And If you are offering what they want, you will surely get a new follower.

4.Sponsored Posts

Sometimes, the competition is just too tough. It can get nearly impossible for users to notice your social media presence. This problem can prevent your Instagram account from getting new followers.

 In that case, paying for sponsored posts or stories can be a great option. Influencer marketing can expose your profile or brand to a much wider audience, including potential followers.

As the name suggests, sponsored posts are not free. Depending on the influencer or your product, the prices may vary. However, it’s a sure-shot way to increase your profile’s reach and grow it quickly.

For bests results, it is highly recommended to use a sponsor within the same niche as yours. You can type keywords or hashtags according to your product to find potential influencers. The minimum user following should be at least 20,000. 

After finding the perfect influencers according to your product, you can contact them with their provided contact details and set the rate per sponsored post. The right sponsored posting will significantly increase your Instagram profile engagement and reach.

5.Consistency Is The Key

If you recently activated your Instagram account and are worried about the massive competition following, remember it took them a lot of time to get where they are now. So consistency plays an integral role in growing your Instagram account. 

If you are posting at random schedules or skipping some days, your account will not likely reach its potential audience. Create a daily schedule for posting and follow it. If you are concerned about the time of posting, then experiment with different times and see what is working best for your content.

Regarding the number of daily posts, only overstuff your account with 2-3 posts. Otherwise, no post will get a higher reach. Generally, most users or brands post a single post in a day. Besides posting, stories and highlights are always a great way to connect with more people without stuffing your feed.

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