The Science & Technology Behind Infrared Saunas


We know that sunlight is good for us. It improves our mood, boosts the immune system and it even makes us sleep better. Among the visible rays of the sun, there’s a little something called infrared light, which is a part of sunlight that we don’t see.

Unlike like UV rays, which are also invisible to us, infrared waves don’t give us sunburn with a side of skin damage. Instead, they possess incredible healing properties that can be harnessed through a type of technology that mimics nature- the infrared sauna.

If you’ve ever wondered how an infrared sauna works or why your favorite celebrity swears by it, this is your chance to pique your interest and learn more about this breakthrough healing technology.

Take Some Heat

In high school, we all learnt about how the skin expels toxins and other harmful chemicals from the body through sweat. Not only does this process get rid of waste material but it contributes to keeping the body in perfect shape.

Producing sweat is one of the beneficial effects that infrared light has on the body when it seeps into the skin from the sun. In fact, when the human body receives far infrared light, a vibration occurs in the tissue. This vibration is compose of wavelengths similar to those produce by the body.

When tuning these vibrations to the specific wavelengths of 9.4 to 9.5 microns, we start to see water molecules vibrating as well. Considering how water makes up at least 70% of our body, you can start to understand why vibrating water molecules is such a big deal.

As the water molecules start shaking up a storm, ion bonds in the water break up and the gases all cooped up inside start to crumble apart. A whole host of other toxic substances are then released in the process.

Types of Infrared Light

A full spectrum infrared treatment from an infrared sauna allows you to get the full benefit of infrared light, with near infrared producing heat just below the surface of your skin, stimulating a sweat response that rejuvenates like none other.

When we get to mid infrared, we’re dealing with wavelengths that are slightly longer, and as you imagine, that translates to an even deeper healing. Mid infrared is known for its cardiovascular benefits, seeing as how it increases circulation in the body. It is at this depth that you also start seeing oxygen make its way to areas where it’s most needed.

When we get to far infrared, things start to get interesting. Here we’re operating with the longest wavelengths in the range. Far infrared penetrates those fat cells you want nothing to do with until they vibrate to a point where toxins get toss out. As a result, it’s possible to start seeing an active metabolism which will lead to that weight loss you might’ve been hoping for.

Hot, Not Bothered

The wondrous thing about this technology is just how specific it is. Yes, the sun is good for us and we can gain a lot from basking under it for an hour or two in the morning but too much sunlight can wreak havoc on our skin.

As important as solar energy is to life, there’s a danger of solar radiation when you’re expose to too much of it. With an infrared sauna, you can reap the benefits of sunlight without increasing your chances of getting cancer.

A lot of people struggle with the high temperatures experienced in traditional saunas that we’re all used to. We often find ourselves leaving earlier than we’d like because of how hot it can get.

Air saunas can reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit while infrared saunas function at a comfortable temperature of 150 degrees at most, meaning you can spend more time taking care of your health.

You Can’t Escape Infrared Heat

We’ve all seen those military movies where a soldier uses heat-sensing goggles to spot the enemy. All those colors seen by the soldier represent different wavelengths of infrared heat.

The driveway outside your house gives off infrared heat. The hands and eyes you’re using to read this; they’ve got infrared too. It’s safe, it’s comfortable and it’s back by science, what more could you ask for?

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