The Science Behind Melaleuca Products 


For more than three decades, Melaleuca has been a pioneer in the wellness products industry, and it has found success by taking an unconventional path. Since Sept. 1985, Melaleuca has become the largest online wellness shopping club in North America, allowing consumers to shop from their homes and experience direct-to-their-door delivery. 

But if you’ve never heard of Melaleuca or its products, you’re not alone. It’s a well-kept secret. The company does not use traditional advertising to market, growing instead by rewarding customers for their referrals. 

What is Melaleuca, The Wellness Company?

Melaleuca has been the answer for families who want healthier, safer products in their homes. As leaders in the health products industry, Melaleuca has spent years balancing the power of nature with scientific advances to create wellness products that outperform the national brands found at grocery stores.  

This manufacturer has developed a roster of exclusive products that satisfy many needs in the household. Today, Melaleuca manufactures and sells over 400 products ranging from vitamins and sports nutrition items to toothpaste, shampoo and lotion. The company’s portfolio spans nutrition, pharmaceutical, personal care, and home care products and cosmetics. 

Although it’s based in the quaint town of Idaho Falls, Idaho, there’s nothing small about it. Melaleuca distributes its products worldwide, supplying wellness products to two million customers each month in 20 countries and territories. Melaleuca has annual revenues of more than $2 billion dollars and 5,400 employees across the globe.  

What makes Melaleuca products special?

To achieve these results, Melaleuca relies on exceptional product innovation and a team of scientists working the labs. Since it does not sell its products in brick-and-mortar stores, Melaleuca products have to be extraordinary for it to compete with manufacturing giants like Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and Colgate-Palmolive.

Undertaking an intense research process, Melaleuca’s niche is to consistently develop consumer products that outperform the major brands sold at grocery stores. Challenging the status quo, Melaleuca relies on natural, sustainable, high-quality ingredients, and it does not use cheap fillers like so many of the major national brands. 

The vast majority of Melaleuca products are powered by plant-based ingredients, botanicals, minerals, essential oils, natural enzymes, and more. If a product isn’t a higher quality or a better value than what the grocery store offers, Melaleuca won’t sell it.

This unique strategy has led to superior products and high customer satisfaction. Melaleuca claims a 97 percent retention rate of customers shopping each month, meaning 97 percent of everyone who ordered their products one month did so the next month. 

Without slick ad campaigns, Melaleuca’s growth has come from one satisfied customer referring another one to the shopping club. This isn’t the fastest path for growth, but the results speak for themselves. 

Melaleuca products: Innovative natural formulas

As one of the largest e-commerce sites, states, “Our search for better, safer, more natural solutions never ends. We seek renewable plant sources. We search for naturally derived alternatives. We defer to biodegradable ingredients. Then we refine them with cutting-edge science.”

To that end, Melaleuca has invested in developing science-backed multivitamins and supplements. Melaleuca’s commitment to excellence and innovation was the foundation upon which the Peak Performance Pack (PPP) was built. This includes six patented or proprietary supplements including a multivitamin and mineral, several omega-3 supplements, a broad-spectrum antioxidant and more. Melaleuca asserts the critical trace minerals in its supplements are formulated to be up to 10x more absorbable, and four separate human clinical studies on a product branded Peak Performance show how effective these supplements can be.

Melaleuca also believes that consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety just to clean their home. Unlike well-known national cleaning brands, Melaleuca’s EcoSense cleaning products do not use harsh, caustic chemicals like chlorine bleach, ammonia, sulfamic acid or quaternary disinfectants. Instead, scientists at Melaleuca opted for safer ingredients that are just as effective: citric acid, vinegar and natural enzymes.

Additionally, Melaleuca is the world leader in using ultra-concentrated cleaning products. Most cleaning products are 12x concentrated and laundry detergents are 9x concentrated, meaning they pack a bigger punch per unit volume than other cleaning brands while still providing the power needed to get the job done.

Product concentration is also much better for the environment. Melaleuca’s EcoSense products reduce packaging, fuel consumption and landfill waste. This approach has saved at least 229 million pounds of plastic, 42 million gallons of gasoline and 48 million pounds of greenhouse gas.

Melaleuca Review: Exceptional Health Products

For such a large manufacturer that is still relatively unknown, Melaleuca is a reputable company that offers what today’s consumers are looking for: higher-quality, safer, better-performing, more natural health and wellness products that are shipped directly to the consumer. 

All told, Melaleuca’s niche in the consumer products marketplace has never been more relevant to health-conscious consumers. The company’s proprietary wellness products, exclusive formulas, and health innovations are leading the way to a brighter future for millions of households around the world. 

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