The Safinus Team Powering the Revolutionary Crypto Investments Platform

Bringing together experts and professionals in different fields is one of the criteria that guarantee the success of an organization. And, for Safinus to be able to make available highly profitable crypto asset investments, this is what they did! The Sefanus team is made up of individuals like:

The CEO and Co-founder, Alexey Scherbin

With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Alexey has founded some online services like Contextvisor, Trainer-Partner, and UserPoint. He is a serial entrepreneur, and has managed and pioneered the execution of numerous IT projects for various companies like Henkel and Gazprom.

The CFO and Co-Founder, Ivan Morgunov

Ivan is the president of the cryptocurrency millionaires club and is the Founder of a couple of innovative blockchain-based platforms like BitPrideMining. He also developed a crypto network known as the FunCpa partner network, and a crypto fund called BitPrideFund.

The CTO  and Co-Founder, Dmitriy Morgun

Dmitriy is fortified with over 8 years of experience developing IT systems. He is the IT director of Advanced Online and is constantly building his expertise in providing solutions for the most complex of tech tasks. Dmitriy is also gaining extensive experience working on projects for one of the major network providers in Russia known as MTS.

The Head of Marketing, Julia Luckman

Gaining over 7 years of experience working as the director of online marketing at Advanced Online, Julia has gained in-depth knowledge about the development of marketspaces to make room for new services, and also about the launch of new services and products.

The Product Manager, Denis Goldberg

Denis is an expert in managing and controlling some projects, with over 4 years of experience being in charge of all the stages of various projects, right from the creation of the idea, to the launch of the project, down to its implementation. He has a passion for facing new challenges, which he sees as an integral part of developing himself and any project he is to be involved with.

The Head of Sales, Olga Radevskaya

Olga has over two years of experience being involved in the marketing of well-known social networks and media outlets. She also has experience partnering with various online stores and is currently a caretaker of some public associations on Vkontakte. With an artistic approach to projects and systematic thought process, Olga can handle tasks in a variety of ways.

The Head of Communications, Olga Grigorova

Olga has vast experience partnering with clients from different backgrounds and parts of the world, and also as a lead negotiator with delegates of Chelsea F.C. Over the years, she has also gained experience as a PR Manager working for the Institute of International Relations Volunteer Center in Moscow.


Though Safinus has over 30 well-experienced professional team members, listed above are the core members of the Safinus Group. With them being the backbone of the network and their goal-driven attitude, Safinus is going to be a contender in the world of blockchain-based platforms.

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