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The Safinus platform will bring together newcomers and experienced cryptomarket investors!

The Safinus project team has recently announced that the starting date of their ICO will be on May 2, 2018. Safinus recently successfully finished its Pre-ICO by reaching their hard cap of 500 million USD. Which is a clear indicator that the project is poised for success in the future and that there is substantial demand for it. At this very moment, users are actively participating in the platforms Whitelist in order to have the opportunity to obtain prospective SAF tokens at a discount during the projects main tokensale.

A week before the start of the Safinus ICO, the team behind the revolutionary project aims to make its platform MVP available to the public in order for its community of supporters to give the pilot version of the Safinus platform a go.

One of the most prominent features of the Safinus platform is the unique mechanism that allows newcomers to the crypto market, who haven’t a clue as to how trading works, to join profitable cryptocurrency investment portfolios managed by professional traders.  

Thanks to this unique feature, experienced crypto traders will have the opportunity to substantially increase their overall profits and volume of managed capital, in addition to commissions drawn from the Safinus platform. Aside from experienced traders, crypto funds will be able to attract new clients on a global scale, therefore significantly expanding the scope of their operations. Thus, by taking advantage of the Safinus platform, newcomers to the crypto market will need not dedicate an overwhelming amount of time towards researching all of the industries intricacies. Nor will they be at the whims of scammers. As all of the portfolios on the platform will be attributed a rating, which will allow users to pick the utmost attractive portfolio to join.

Safinus is clearly creating a win-win situation for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole by providing a platform to the market that can easily be utilized by the masses. Who have not previously had the opportunity to take part in the unique and profitable cryptocurrency sphere.

Besides the portfolio joining mechanism that will undoubtedly be wildly received by newbies, the platform will also provide its users with a full-blown cryptocurrency exchange, as well as a line up of over interesting elements and mechanisms. All of which are tailored to increase trade effectiveness, and efficiency.

Safinus platform features:

Trading on numerous exchanges through a single interface.

Other cryptomarket exchanges will be able to connect to the Safinus platform by using API’s. This feature will allow traders to operate on numerous exchanges by utilizing a single interface on the Safinus platform. The purpose of such a mechanism is to improve trade efficiency and cut down on time between trades.

Advanced trading mechanisms.

All of the classical stock market analysis tools will be available for users on the Safinus platform. In addition, certain trade operations will be fully automated, allowing traders to make the best decisions with maximum efficiency.

Purpose of SAF tokens on the Safinus platform.

Profits, in the form of commissions based on the revenue generated under the management of newcomer investor assets by portfolio managers, will be taken in SAF tokens. Additionally, all of the platforms internal commissions for operations will be handled through the use of SAF tokens.

ICO information?

There will be a Hard Cap totaling 16 000 000 USD. The price of 1 SAF token during the ICO will be equivalent to 1 USD.

Main stage ICO:

Start date: May 2, 2018

End date: Jun 2, 2018, or upon achievement of the Hard Cap.


Days 1-3: 1 SAF = 0,8 USD (20% discount)

Days 4-14: 1 SAF = 0,9 USD (10% discount)

Days 15-31:  1 SAF = 1 USD (0% discount)

Additional information regarding the project and how to Whitelist for the ICO can be found at


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