The role of wearables in controlling an epidemic

The world of wearables, as with practically any invention related to technology, is constantly updated. Thus, these devices created to carry on day to day have quickly become a resource of great help for those who need to watch health tracking in the face of the “New Normal.”

The usefulness of wearables in the midst of the epidemic

At this point, the usefulness of these devices is more than well known. The best example of these are bracelets and smartwatches, thanks to which multiple aspects of personal performance can be controlled. 

This type of wearables is suitable both for athletes, to measure their performance and track their workouts, and for users who do not practice sports. And it is that they also control aspects related to day-to-day activity or sleep, for example.

The most positive thing in this regard is that more and more parameters can be studied by these devices. So much so that many of them are beginning to become a great help to the health sector.

Equipped with biosensors, there are many articles that can provide tremendously useful information on a person’s state of health. These are data that, in the hands of doctors and health professionals, are needed when it comes to monitoring the evolution of certain diseases, especially chronic ones. They also contribute to anticipating other ailments.

For many years, watches and bracelets have had the technology to track the heart rate. This has been improving rapidly, to the point that, today, there are already models capable of performing an electrocardiogram.

This functionality has, of course, to be supervised by an expert who correctly interprets the data, but provides highly valuable information in a simple way. Even those devices that monitor 24 hours a day will be able to warn directly when they encounter strange parameters that may pose a health risk.

Why are smartwatches increasingly favored by young people?

– Lifestyle and fashion reasons

Equipped with more sophisticated technological features, the smartwatch also has a design that suits millennial tastes. The colors and straps used are also attractive to attract the millennial market.

– Ability to check smartphone notifications

Most smartwatches can be connected to smartphones, so they can display notifications that appear on your smartphone. Without having to open your smartphone, you can even reply to WhatsApp or Line messages with the voice feature.

– Health and fitness indicators

Health indicator features such as heart rate, blood pressure, and fitness are currently more sought after to record the movement activities of smartwatch users. Counting the number of steps, distance, calories burned, to analyze your health.

– Voice control via “OK Google” for Android and “Siri” for Apple

The voice control feature can help you reply to messages, voice check, view maps, and get directions.

A constant search for key parameters

As many of the devices are already equipped with the necessary hardware to carry out the measurements, the advance comes thanks to the observation and study of the millions of data that are collected anonymously. These are the ones that make it possible to determine the values ​​that precede, for example, a heart attack.

Technology companies, scientists, or universities, such as Fitbit and Stanford, are joining forces to develop new algorithms. With them, the aim is to limit more and more which are the variations in heart rate or temperature that can alert about responses of the immune system.

All these investigations seek not only to respond as soon as possible to the appearance of diseases, but to do so even without their first obvious symptoms manifesting. Interested in some smartwatches? You should visit DHgate!

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