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The Role of Technology in Making Smart Building Material Choices

The Role of Technology in Making Smart Building Material Choices

If you hark back to the days when high technology in material selection meant fire-proof asbestos, you can plainly see that the industry has come a long way. Nowadays, almost all buildings must adhere to a stringent set of guidelines and regulations that stipulate how safe they can be. Moreover, modern sensibilities surrounding the environment have also produced an increase in interest in eco-friendly materials that can be created using techniques and substances that have little to no impact on the world’s ecology. Throughout this post, we’ll explore how technology is reshaping the building industry vis-a-vis materials.

Online Resources Allow For Accurate Costing

One of the most critical aspects to get right on any build is to ensure your costings are within budget. Anything that goes over your allocated plan will come out of earnings if you are a building contractor or cause you to reevaluate the entire project if you’re overseeing the build as a homeowner. Either way, it isn’t great. Fortunately, plenty of online resources are only a click away and enable you to analyze building material costs and trends to better craft a budget that makes sense. These resources have become even more crucial thanks to rising inflation and the cost of resources that have seemingly skyrocketed over the past several years. When you stay on top of the costs for the various materials you need to complete a job, you can lay the foundation for a project that comes in on time and, of course, on budget.

Simplifies Research For Specific Materials

This next point is somewhat similar to the previous one in the sense that you can use the web to perform vital research, but it differs in that said research is more aimed at helping you to find specific materials that you require for the project at hand. This can be especially helpful when seeking out the more obscure choices that often aren’t available from your local hardware store. 

Saves Money By Comparing Prices Online

By spending time utilizing the great open resources of the web, you can typically find better deals by searching around and comparing prices. This is even true for higher-end materials as, in some cases, you can go directly to the supplier and save a decent chunk of cash by dealing with them directly. For instance, if you are searching for a specific type of marble, you could opt for the first site that comes up and pay accordingly, or you could dig a little deeper and find out where that marble is actually being sourced from. While you may not be able to go all the way to the quarry itself (they will only usually sell based on large orders), you could skip out a few middlemen and discover a supplier willing to sell to you directly, thereby saving you a significant amount of money. 

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Offers Virtual Visualization Capabilities

Now, we enter the world of high-tech solutions that can really up your material selection game by utilizing a swathe of technologies designed specifically for a range of purposes. The first way to achieve virtualization is by using dedicated software that enables you to set up the room or building in a virtual environment and place different material choices so that you can see how they will actually look in person. This opens up an entire world of possibilities while helping you to deal with clients more effectively and save money in the process (you might have noticed a running theme about saving money by now!) If you want to push things to the next level, you can even jump on board the VR hype and invest in something like an Oculus Rift or Apple Vision Pro (the former being for the average Joe and the latter for the electricians who can afford such things). Whatever direction you choose to go, you can use this technology to overlay different material options in real time onto existing structures. This can provide a fantastic way to ensure you end up with the perfect material for the job rather than opting for trial and error.

Easy Tracking Of Orders Means You Can Budget Time Better

Nothing is worse than ordering something only to be in the dark regarding when it will arrive. Time is money, and the more time you spend idle, the more money you lose in total. While sophisticated delivery tracking solutions have been used for some time, it’s worth noting how handy it really is. It allows you to operate in a Just In Time (JIT) way of working, which is fantastic if you are operating in smaller locations and want to avoid the material buildup that clutters the place and causes all kinds of issues when someone breaks something, and you have to repurchase it.

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It’s Easier To Purchase Eco-Friendly Materials From A Wide Range Of Suppliers

As mentioned in the intro, the world has moved on (or would like to think so, at least) from stripping Earth of everything it’s got. In reality, this manifests as eco-friendly materials that are constructed using substances that are much easier to mine and work with. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, the fact is that the world is moving toward this way of working, so finding ways to make it easier to source them will reduce the amount of work you have. 

Streamlines Project Planning And Execution

This final point is really a summing up of all the ideas presented in the article. By using the web to source even the most esoteric materials, using VR and AR to help you visualize the room/s more effectively, and opting for a JIT method, you can save enormous amounts of resources, including the big two; time and money. It is also possible to connect project management software with other programs, enabling you to know which materials you will need next, where they are in terms of delivery status, the current cost that you will pay, and ultimately, assist you with all aspects of a build, whether it be large or small.

Technology has become infused in all aspects of the building industry and for a good reason. Most construction projects are complicated things, and it can pay huge dividends to try and simplify the process as much as possible.

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