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The Rock Music Forum is a friendly rock music discussion forum where you can discuss all your favourite rock music bands and musicians. We have seperate sections for the biggest rock bands, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Hawkwind. Plus sections on Progressive rock music and bands as well as a general section for classic rock bands with the likes of deep purple, black sabbath, status quo and cream being discussed. As well as that there are sections on classic rock lyrics and reviews of all of your favorite rock albums.

“Pink Floyd” are an English rock band who started out in the late 1960’s as a psychedelic music band led by enigmatic front man Syd Barret. Later after barret left the band and iconic singer and guitarist Dave Gilmore joined, they went on to enjoy huge succes with their best selling album dark side of the moon. This was followed by other huge selling albums like wish you were her and the wall.

Led Zeppelin are another English rock band who made it big in the States and at the hight of their success in the 1970’s they were playing to sell out stadium gigs. Led Zeppelin were not a ‘sinles’ band, indeed if they had released the likes of Stairway to Heaven into the singles charts, I am sure it would have went straight to number one. As it is all the albums that they released got to number one in the album charts.

Hawkwind are a pace rock band from London in the UK and were formed by frontman and ex busker Dave Brock in the late 60’s but never took off until Ian (Lemmy) Kilminster joined the band in the early 70’s where they enjoyed chart success with silver machine. Hawkwind have had aturbulent existance marred by many fallouts, litigation and lineup changes but with Dave Brock as the common denomenator, the band are still playing live and releasing new material to this day.

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