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The Rise of AI-Powered Essay Writing Services: Will Robots Replace Human Writers?

At present, every sector has a discussion in common – the boons of AI services on the writing platform. Likely, the debate will not end too soon. While one party wishes for AI-powered advantages that can reduce many human errors, the other might stand for traditional writing practices.

But before going on to all such discussions, you can’t deny the time you would have taken on research from scratch. In fact, it can all be served to you with any AI-powered essay writing services. Moreover, professionals like Josh Kohlbach, author at Wholesale Suite, experienced that AI can save time on pre-draft research.

Apart from that, such services are always a house of solutions for students in particular. One of the leading services in academic solutions,, has designed a wide range of AI tools to polish essay structures, enhance vocabulary and whatnot.

So, you can’t deny that AI resources in writing can only profit your work for the betterment. Still, one question remains unanswered – Will it replace human writers?

To find that, first, you have to understand the process of AI and its Pros & Cons. Hence, check below –

What is Included in the AI Writing Process?

AI writing is a technology that enables computers to produce text. But it’s not only that. This technology delivers everything that sounds like a human! Now, the science that goes into building this technology needs machine-learning algorithms. Hence, the person responsible for designing such a tool must analyse many data. This will focus on studying human writing primarily.

Now, here is a closer look at the operation of AI writing –

  • Computer learning

Machine learning is used in AI writing for computers to predict and produce text. Computer algorithms can predict words and phrases in a sentence through huge text datasets. These algorithms can even imitate the tone and style of human writing.

  • Processing language naturally

Next, what AI writing technology focuses on is Natural Language Processing. For computers to comprehend human language, NLP is necessary. It dissects sentences and paragraphs into their component elements first. Through this, NLP helps AI models produce cohesive, grammatically correct content that sounds human-written.

  • Extensive language models

For AI writing, technicians embed large language models at the forefront. These models, like OpenAI’s GPT-3, are trained on enormous textual datasets and can produce extremely convincing writing. The best part is these models handle various natural language tasks, such as question answering, language translation, and summarisation.

Advantages that are Possible With AI-Powered Essay Writing Services

  • Efficiency and Quickness

Do you know why the Internet is filled with AI trends? Well, it has the ability to produce high-quality text in less time. Basically it’s more in less. Moreover, such artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools quickly analyses data on the topic you ask for. Now, even before you wait for clock to pass a minute, it will produce content in seconds!

  • Customisability

Just as you can customise your music playlist, you can modify these tools for the type of writing you need. All you need is to set command! Moreover, writers in a rush can create a setting to generate content that adheres to the assignment’s need, maintaining uniformity and quality throughout the content.

  • Precision and accuracy

The correctness and precision of AI writing is why it is in demand. You might have occasionally skipped adding any punctuation. However, an AI tool never forgets! Likewise, AI tools verify that the information they produce is error-free and grammatically correct using machine learning algorithms.

Disadvantages of AI-Powered Essay Writing Services

  • Infringing on copyright and plagiarism

With the increase of too much content, the problem of plagiarism and copyright is a threat. So, when you rely wholly on these technologies for quick solutions, the content may not guaranteed. If you wondering why, well, authenticity is rare.

So, you cannot expect that such tools will give you groundbreaking research. Instead, such services will create content that is too close to existing content. Sometimes, this may violate another person’s work. Hence, you must ensure that the tool you are using has no loop holes.

  • Level of Productivity

Even though AI tools are highly advanced, what is the guarantee that it can feel like a human? For contents like a personal letter, emails, or personal essays, AI will not write about the memories you had in childhood! This is an example of the inability AI services have. It also indicates that they cannot perfectly inculcate the intricacy and nuance of human writing.

Will AI-Powered Essay Writing Services Replace Human Writers?

If you look at today’s one-click solution technologies, the writing profession is highly AI oriented. In fact, it is the emergence of AI writing that is changing the pattern of literature. With this, one concern that has been taking away the calm of every writer is – Will robots & AI replace humans?

Well, RELAX! Your jobs are secured!

You see, AI tools can help you with faster services in abundance. This feature is profitable for companies and the marketing sector. However, it can never think or work like a HUMAN BEING!

For instance, there are affordable AI writing tools that start-ups and small enterprises can use to create high-quality material. Doing so will save time for other work as well.

However, for creative ideas, ad copies, jingles, campaigns etc., the industry will always need the help of a human writer. For example, you can ask an AI service to wire a case study on Coca Cola. You will surely get a report with correct data.

Now, ask the tool with a request like – ‘Provide a script where a man drinks Coca Cola during a football match and then wins the game for the team…’

The tool will give you an imbalanced report because such information has no record on the web!

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