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The Right Way to Choose Micro-Influencer Collab

Influencers have now got their value in the world. They are putting their blood and sweat into making the world revolutionizing. Their earning potential is growing at a speed. Social media channels now have various types of influencers, like micro-influencers, nano-influencers, macro-influencers, and more. The micro-influencers are the ones who have followers of up to 100,000. When choosing any type of influencer, you must also look for various other factors. The choice of influencer is not just limited to followers. It has much more to look at before making a perfect choice. But, as the competition is too high, how do you find the right micro-influencer for a collaboration? 

Don’t stress, as we are soon going to come across the easy steps. Focus on implementing each step with various things in mind. Also, you can look to implement these steps for almost every social media channel:  

  1. Set the goals – Step into the shoes of your target audience. What type of content would you be interested in engaging with? Then look that the creator is from the same city or not. As the creator will be from the same city, it will be advantageous for your brand. Also, look that the creator focuses on educational or aesthetic content. Considering your audience and brand identity, set realistic goals for your creators. 
  1. Focus on the research part – If someone has a good following, it doesn’t signify that they are a suitable creator. Consider a few of the things before coming to a decision: 
  • Do they fulfill the brand values?
  • How regular are they with the content posting?
  • Do they have hold past experience?
  • What type of videos do they create?
  • Do they engage with creators?
  • Check the past creators’ records – This might sound no-brainer. But, if you’ve worked with a micro-influencer who gave you amazing results in the past. Then choose to partner with them. This is the easiest way to work out things for your brand. 
  • Choose relevant hashtags – Use the Discover page on every social media channel, as this is an excellent way to search the brand hashtags. If you have a specific niche, fewer creators will make the content in that niche. Look for influencers who started using your brand hashtags. If an influencer does so, it clearly shows their target audience is interested in your brand. 
  • Spy your competitors – Prepare a list of competitor brands. Now, check which brands they are working with. What hashtags are they using? Search #ad, #paidads, and other hashtags to find the sponsored content. Look for the influencers who are suitable for your campaign.
  • Look for portals catering to Micro-influencers – Various agencies are ready to make brands reach out to creators on a single platform. Likewise, Afluencer is another portal for brands to do micro-influencer collaborations. Brands can quickly sign up and pick suitable creators matching their brand values.    
  • Creators’ engagement rate – The number of followers today doesn’t matter much. But what matters is the engagement rate. As a token of advice, every brand should work with an influencer with a high engagement rate, as they will help your brand reach out to genuine customers. 

The above were the steps for an easy micro-influencer collabs.. Build a strong brand and grow your business like never before. When choosing an influencer for your brand, cross-check various metrics before collaborating, as one partnership might upscale your revenue graph.

Top practices to engage in micro-influencer collab

Choosing a micro-influencer collab isn’t that difficult if you stick to follow the below-mentioned practices:

  1. Don’t rely on one collab type – Today, sponsored posts are not only just one type of collab. Instead, there are various other ways to do influencer collaborations. You can choose other collaborations like Giveaways, Influencer Gifting, Content Collaboration, Hosting Events, Account Takeovers, Brand Ambassador Programs, and Product Seeding. 
  • Choose a performance-based model to reward influencers – This model of payment is when influencers get a part of the sales they help you get to achieve. You can pay a small fixed payment to initiate the partnership. Then share revenue with them. You can also combine the affiliate program in place.  
  • Your micro-influencer can be a brand ambassador – Whenever you get a micro-influencer onboard, you can ask them to join the ambassador program. You can offer exclusive offers, longer-term relationships, and deeper commitment with a brand ambassador.  
  • Look for adjacent and niche micro-influencers – When you choose a niche micro-influencer, you get benefits who are already creating similar content for a target audience. If you want to reach a new customer segment, choose adjacent micro-influencers. Basically, these are creators who tell your story in a way to a fresh audience.
  • Don’t just keep it a professional relationship – Personalization leads a long way to success. No matter whether they are small or big creators. Always treat influencers like they are a part of your team. You need to strengthen your relationship with actions like these:
  • Share influencers’ content and mention comments to create hype
  • Give them free products to test the products and give feedback
  • Highlight the contributions in company news and in-house newsletters
  • Invite the influencers to events or offers or give them speaking opportunities
  • Give them metrics on how are their influencer’s posts are making a difference

Above are the 5 practices to make sure of after getting into a micro-influencer collab. These practices will help you get the positive results for your brand. You will get to build a strong relationship with the influencers. So, look no further just get on an influencer marketing bandwagon. 

The Final Words

Influencer marketing is in trend. You need to incorporate this marketing tactic to watch your brand grow successfully. Micro-influencer is a good way to watch your business grow like never before. These influencers have many followers, engagement rates, and everything good. Watch out for your strategies. Look at what they are posting and what their agenda is. How it is gonna help your business grow. If influencer marketing is used as a marketing strategy carefully, it will bloom your business

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