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The Revolutionary Cloud Service Platform Pioneering Technological Democracy

In recent years, the global cloud-computing industry has seen a gradual yet demoralizing shift. Here’s how Florida-based cloud professional Aron Wagner puts it: “It was tragic and ironic to see the cloud computing trajectory move away from being innovative and utility-based.” Wagner is a co-founder and CEO of American Cloud, a revolutionary new cloud service platform that seeks to democratize the internet.

But isn’t the internet already free for everyone? It might seem so initially, but American Cloud co-founders Wagner and Dane Nakamura think there’s something rotten in global cloud computing. This rot, they believe, has kept us from achieving true technological democracy even in the golden age of the internet. “What we have now is a space controlled by a few giant corporations where there’s no space for innovation, especially when providing cloud technology to smaller businesses”, Wagner laments.

In the early 2000s, business data was typically stored on local servers or personal computers, which were often limited in capacity and costly to maintain and upgrade. The advent of cloud computing in 2006 changed this scenario rapidly. Data could now be stored remotely on massive servers owned and operated by third-party operators, allowing greater flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. The world’s first cloud service, Amazon’s EC2, gave businesses access to cutting-edge computing and data storage resources at a fraction of what they would otherwise cost.

This meant businesses worldwide could now handle large amounts of data and digitize their operations at an unprecedented scale. Cloud computing services ushered in a watershed for businesses by offering them truly democratized and equitable access to technology. Ever since, the popularity of cloud computing has grown exponentially, with nearly 94% of businesses worldwide using some form of cloud services.

And yet, the number of major cloud service providers in the market has remained more or less stagnant. That upshot is that a few major Big Tech corporations have become the primary source of cloud computing services for most global businesses. This stifles competition and innovation in the sector and poses significant threats to global data security. That is because just a handful of corporations control the largest portion of the world’s business data.

How American Cloud Aims For Change

Wagner and Nakamura founded American Cloud in 2022 to develop an efficient, All-American alternative to Big Tech’s cloud computing monopoly. American Cloud seeks to radically change the industry by being one of the very first truly independent cloud service providers operating at scale. “We needed a cloud provider that was going to be industry agnostic and truly a utility for people to harness the power of the cloud,” says Nakamura. “Our value lies in our ability to use our facilities, power, and gear to virtualize cloud computing services – making them easy to access and use,” he adds.

One of the major challenges with existing cloud solutions is their generic nature. These solutions are mass-produced for global markets, making it difficult for businesses to find personalized service options that cater to their unique requirements. While it’s theoretically possible to configure an Amazon cloud package according to specific needs, it is too time-consuming and arduous and defeats the very purpose of outsourcing to a cloud service provider.

In contrast, American Cloud provides highly customizable and bespoke solutions that enable clients to find their enterprise’s ideal cloud computing package. Its size and business model means American Cloud can quickly respond to market changes without the need to navigate the bureaucracy and slow decision-making processes that hamper big corporations.

Easy On The Pocket

Besides being more flexible and innovative, American Cloud services are much more cost-effective than Big Tech offerings. “One of the biggest benefits I see us providing right out of the gate is that we’re not charging network egress fees,” explains Wagner. “It’s a fixed cost for us and a fixed cost for our customers. That means customers don’t have to worry about some crazy usage hike on their bill at the end of the month,” he explains.

Here’s a quick comparison between American Cloud and other offerings in the market.

Cloud Provider Pricing Plan Monthly Cost Features Network
American Cloud Monthly $43 Dedicated 2vCPU, 2GB RAM, 100GB Storage Unmetered Egress
AWS Monthly $1,488.94 Dedicated 2vCPU, 2GB RAM, 100GB Storage Metered Egress $0.05-$0.09/GB
Microsoft Azure Monthly $87.60 Standard 2vCPU, 3.5GB RAM, 135GB Storage Metered Egress $0.07/GB
IBM Cloud Monthly $83.38 Multi-Tenant 2vCPU, 2GB RAM, 100GB Storage Metered Egress $0.045/GB


pricing comparison

This comparison clarifies that American Cloud’s incredible flexibility and commitment to democratizing the internet sets it apart from Big Tech. It is a cloud service business that seeks to revolutionize the market by making it more conducive to competition, innovation, and information equality.

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