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The Process of Home Repiping

You’ve been experiencing leaks galore in your home and have recently discovered that your pipes are rusted or damaged. Whether it’s due to old age or a recent incident, you have to get your home repiped. So you call in a specialist, but what does that mean for your home?  It’s natural to feel apprehensive about having this extensive repair done. But have no worries! Many specialists have this process down to a science, and know how to do these repairs with as little damage as possible to your home. Here’s what to expect from a home repipe.


Once you’ve found a specialist for your pipes, they’ll do an in-depth evaluation of your home. This will determine whether or not you only need one section of pipes replaced, or the whole house done. If the whole house needs to be done, then the plumbers will need a work permit from the city before getting to work.

Prep for Repiping

Before your plumbers begin work, they’ll have you pick a new type of pipe that you would like to install. This can range from copper to PVC. PVC will be cheaper than copper, but the life expectancy may be shorter. Do some research before deciding, or consult with your specialist on what would be the best option in your home. Once they are sure of where they are working, the plumbers will make sure that your furniture and belongings are protected before beginning. 

The Process

Repiping can take 2 days to a week, depending on the size of your home and the amount of damage. The specialists will take it one section at a time. Taking out the wall, working on the pipes, and then replacing it before moving on to the next section. A good plumber will make sure that your house looks just like it did before once the work is done. You can expect to have to move around the plumbers as they work, but it’ll all go as quickly as possible. 


Repiping is a joint effort. With you being as patient as possible, and the specialists doing the best quality work they can. They can ensure your home functions properly and you won’t have to worry about leaks anymore. If you need to find a repiping specialist, simply look for repipe specialists in Sacramento. You’ll find plenty of results and be able to track down the best option for you. 

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