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The Power of The Place: Things to Consider When Choosing Meeting Rooms and Event Venues

First impressions count. This is why you dress up for a job interview and take extra care of your appearance for a date. This is also why you must carefully pick your meeting room and venue for events.

The function room or venue sets an event’s tone and mood and, to a significant extent, the participant’s level of engagement. A well-chosen place can elevate an ordinary function into a memorable experience, while a poor choice can dim the luster of even the most meticulously planned meeting.

Are you looking for meeting rooms in Dubai? Read on to learn the factors you must consider when choosing a function room that’ll help you leave the right impression on participants.

Meeting Room Requirements for Business Events

The diversity of business events is as broad as the world of business itself, and each type of event brings its unique venue requirements.

  1. Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and workshops are all about information sharing and networking. These knowledge-intensive events require an environment conducive to discussion and learning.

For seminars and workshops, you need ample, comfortable seating, tables for writing, and display monitors or video projectors for presentations. Hybrid events also require cameras and microphones integrated with enterprise-grade conferencing software.

  1. Training and Coworking Sessions

Training and coworking sessions require versatility. Training sessions call for a central area for demonstrations. Of course, the actual requirements depend on the subject and format of the training.

Coworking sessions gather people in one place, but everyone is focused on their work. There’s limited interaction among the participants.

In such a context, a venue with distributed seating may be ideal. Coworking sessions require a high-speed internet connection, workspaces/surfaces, and many power outlets. You may also consider providing free-flowing beverages.

  1. Job Interviews and Funding Pitches

Job interviews and funding pitches require highly personal interactions. They may involve panel interviews, in which case you will need a venue with a table for the interviewers and investors.

A boardroom setup may also be appropriate, with the interviewers and investors occupying one long end of the table and the interviewee or pitching party on the opposite end.

Depending on the format, these events may require microphones and display monitors.

  1. Business Meetings

Are you presenting a digital 3D-printed scale replica of oil and gas operations to clients? Perhaps you’re gathering board members together to discuss company direction, vote on policies, and tackle other important matters. In either of these cases, a boardroom may be appropriate.

For a gathering of company executives, committee meetings, and all other functions that involve discussing any type of business (e.g., a merger, joint partnership, contract signing, etc.), a small meeting room with a conference table and chairs is a good option. Microphones may be required depending on the number of participants and room size.

  1. Cocktail Receptions and Charity Fundraisers

Cocktails can be part of corporate events, say, in an awards ceremony. They may also be held to celebrate a company milestone or a partnership with another party. Charity fundraisers are, as their name indicates, organized to raise money for certain causes.

Cocktail receptions and charity fundraisers require considerably more space than other business functions.

For such events, the venue is as crucial as the cause itself. A location with splendid views can elevate the guest experience.

  1. Career Fairs

Being multi-organizational events that draw large crowds, career fairs necessitate spacious venues and multiple access points.

There may also be a need for individual booths for participating companies.

Choosing the Right Venue: The Crucial Factors

Aside from the function-specific factors discussed above, consider the following items when choosing a meeting room or venue for your event.

  1. Location and Accessibility

You want a venue that’s easily accessible to both public and private transport

In Dubai, that means a building with easy road access and a metro station nearby. Are you meeting with potential investors from the United Kingdom? Perhaps you should consider a place near the airport or your guests’ hotel accommodation.

  1. Size

You want a venue that can accommodate your expected number of participants

While a meeting room of six should work great for a job interview, it’s probably too small for a board meeting. A venue that feels cozy with 50 attendees can feel too small and crowded with 100.

Aside from size, you should also consider the efficient use of space as this will affect the attendee experience.

  1. Facilities and Amenities

In today’s digital world, venues should have modern facilities like high-speed Wi-Fi and advanced AV systems.

Other elements like plenty of natural light, sweeping promenade views, comfortable lounge areas, clean washrooms, and free-flowing water, tea, and coffee help create a seamless experience for attendees.

  1. Neighborhood

You may also want to consider the neighborhood of your prospective venue.

A meeting room in the business district that Microsoft, Vodafone, and IBM call home makes a fitting venue for a tech startup funding pitch.

  1. Price

Meeting room pricing in Dubai can vary dramatically. Knowing your budget and aligning it with your requirements will help you find an appropriate venue.

When it comes to business events, however, remember that you’re not looking for the most affordable. What you want is a venue that’ll give an excellent impression on attendees and deliver value without compromising on quality.

Craft Your Event Success Story With the Right Venue

Dubai is a city of towering skyscrapers and modern business amenities, and you will certainly not lack for meeting room and venue options here. 

However, consider your event type and choose a venue partner carefully.

Your venue is not just a backdrop. It’ll play a crucial part in your event’s success.


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