The Power of Online Reviews in Attracting New Dental Patients

Online Reviews

Did you know that today, over 70% of patients choose a healthcare practitioner after reading testimonials and online reviews? As a dentist, this is why dental marketing services are crucial in today’s business landscape. Online reviews have become increasingly influential in shaping consumer decisions, including the choice of a dental practice. Positive reviews not only enhance your practice’s reputation but also help attract new patients.

Online reviews in dental practice

If you ever wondered about how to improve your reputation as a dentist or increase trust and credibility in the market, online reviews are the way to go. Here is how online reviews help build your credibility and reputation:

  • Allow people to gain an insight into past patient’s experiences
  • Help highlight certain qualities about your practice, such as ‘hospitable staff’,’ neat, and clean’, ‘short waiting times’. While these are marketable traits, it has a deeper impact when it comes from people that have used your service.
  • Online reviews help people visualize the quality of your service, and serve as a factor to compare your service with competitors.
  • Online reviews affect your Google Business Profile (GMP) and search engine rankings. A business with many reviews will naturally land higher than a business with little to no reviews


Tips to get more reviews for your dental practice

Here are some effective tips to help you get more reviews for your dental practice:

Request Reviews

Don’t hesitate to ask your satisfied patients to leave a review. After providing exceptional service or completing a successful treatment, Reputation Management Services politely ask them if they would be willing to share their experience online. Make it easy for them by providing direct links to your preferred review platforms.

Provide a Great Patient Experience

Focus on delivering outstanding patient care and service. When patients have a positive experience at your practice, they are more likely to leave a review. Train your staff to be friendly, attentive, and informative, ensuring that patients feel comfortable and well-cared for during their visit.

Utilize Email Marketing

Incorporate review requests into your email marketing strategy. After a patient’s appointment, follow up with a personalized email expressing gratitude for their visit. Include a direct link to your preferred review platform and kindly ask if they would consider sharing their feedback.

Optimize Your Website and Social Media

Make it easy for patients to find your profiles on popular review sites like Google, Yelp, or Healthgrades. Display review site badges prominently on your website and encourage visitors to leave reviews by including clear calls-to-action.

Offer Incentives

Consider offering small incentives as a gesture of appreciation for patients who leave a review. It could be a discount on their next visit, a free dental hygiene product, or an entry into a raffle. Be transparent about the incentive and emphasize that their review should reflect their honest experience.

Respond to Reviews

Engage with patients who have taken the time to leave a review.React to both positive and negative reviews, expressing gratitude to people for their input and resolving any issues. This shows your commitment to patient satisfaction and can encourage others to leave reviews as well.

Launch your online review process today

You don’t need to be a SEO guru to start your online review journey. However, if you outsource the strategic part to a dental marketing services agency, they can plan out everything for you. While you focus your time and energy on delivering superior healthcare services, this would drive in positive reviews for your dental practice. 

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